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Shibolei HaLeket [“The Gathered Sheaves”: Rabbinic Code].

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Shibolei HaLeket [“The Gathered Sheaves”: Rabbinic Code].

First Edition. Title within architectural arch. ff. 55. Touch stained, trace wormed along extreme upper margin. Modern chestnut calf with central blind-tooled device. Sm. folio. Vinograd, Venice 295.

Cornelio Edelkind for Daniel Bomberg, Venice: 1546.

A compilation of halachic material, Shibolei HaLeket primarily focuses upon material that would later comprise the bulk of Orach Chaim. The author cites earlier works, and then after a brief debate, states his particular position. This style of combining earlier works with its’ own deliberations, led Shibolei HaLeket as being cited by the Beth Yosef in practically every portion of Orach Chaim.The Anav family (Heb. Min-Ha’Anavim) had a long-standing tradition as being one of four aristocratic families Emperor Titus brought from Jerusalem to Rome following the destruction of the Second Temple in the year 70 C.E. Zedekiah ben Abraham (1225-97) was one of many distinguished Talmudists to emerge from this illustrious Roman family.