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Ma’ayenei HaYeshu’ah [commentary on the ...

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Ma’ayenei HaYeshu’ah [commentary on the eschatological chapters in the Book of Daniel].
FIRST EDITION. Title within historiated architectural arch. Marginalia in two learned hands. f. 141 (1). Neat marginal repair to title with minute signature below, portion of margin clipped from ff. 36-7 not affecting text. Modern tan crushed morocco elaborately blind-tooled, spine tooled in gilt. 4to. Vinograd, Ferrara 5; Mehlman 625.

Samuel Gallus (Zarfati), (Ferrara): 1551.

Following the Spanish Expulsion, the survivors of the catastrophe, including Don Isaac Abrabanel, struggled to comprehend their suffering and were seized with acute meta-historical feelings for the coming of the Messiah. Ma’ayenei HaYeshu’ah (“Wells of Salvation”) is the first work of Abrabanel’s passionate trilogy on the imminence of Messianism.See B. Netanyahu, Don Isaac Abravanel: Statesman and Philosopher (1968) pp. 77-8.