Guitars amps stereo equipment and LPs
May 7, 2022
1951 W Division Rd Fowler Indiana 47944, United States

Incredible collection of 1970's to 1990's 4 string basses to include a number of Fender Jazz, Precision and Performer, plus a Danelectro and a number of 1960's and 70's knockoffs. Two Fender electric 6 string guitars, a ORIGINAL 1966 Mosrite with case, an antique Gibson type O acoustic guitar with original case, a 1902 Wilhelm Duerer violin with a Bausch bow in an original case plus an original 1930 RCA theremin with the original speaker cabinet. We have a few fantastic vintage amplifiers to include late 1960's or early 70's Fender Bassman, mid 1960's Fender Band Master, 1960's or 70's Sunn and two Sonic cabinets. There are several bass guitar stands, sets of unused strings and repair / replacement parts. We have some vintage hi-fi equipment as well including McIntosh solid state receiver and power amps in original boxes , a nice turntable and a large quantity of 1960's and 70's LP's. To finish the auction off, we have miniature guitars and some action figures of guitar heroes.
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LOT 38:

1920s Gibson Type O acoustic guitar with original case. This guitar has seen some days being played, it is ...

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1920s Gibson Type O acoustic guitar with original case. This guitar has seen some days being played, it is missing the pick guard but appears to be of all original parts otherwise. The neck has been reattached at some time with evidence of covered screws between the nut and the first tuner. The headstock was then heavily lacquered which made the inlaid The Gibson and fleur de lis A bit harder to see but they are still clearly visible. The body is in nice shape and it has been restrung with DAddario tens and the guitar projects loudly and sounds fantastic. The binding along the top edge of the fretboard appears to have some replacements as well as some missing pieces. The binding along the bottom edge of the fretboard has some issues but they are way up at the 18th fret and higher. overall, I would recommend having the binding completely replaced around the front board. The rest of the bindings on the guitar are solid and look fine. I do not see any other issues are, it holds a tune very well and like I said sounds phenomenal. I believe the serial number is 48907 although it could be 48007. Made by the Gibson-Mandolin guitar company in Kalamazoo Michigan. The original hard case has lots of issues but still stays together around the edges. The original handle is inside the case but has been detached for some time now.