Guitars amps stereo equipment and LPs
May 7, 2022
1951 W Division Rd Fowler Indiana 47944, United States

Incredible collection of 1970's to 1990's 4 string basses to include a number of Fender Jazz, Precision and Performer, plus a Danelectro and a number of 1960's and 70's knockoffs. Two Fender electric 6 string guitars, a ORIGINAL 1966 Mosrite with case, an antique Gibson type O acoustic guitar with original case, a 1902 Wilhelm Duerer violin with a Bausch bow in an original case plus an original 1930 RCA theremin with the original speaker cabinet. We have a few fantastic vintage amplifiers to include late 1960's or early 70's Fender Bassman, mid 1960's Fender Band Master, 1960's or 70's Sunn and two Sonic cabinets. There are several bass guitar stands, sets of unused strings and repair / replacement parts. We have some vintage hi-fi equipment as well including McIntosh solid state receiver and power amps in original boxes , a nice turntable and a large quantity of 1960's and 70's LP's. To finish the auction off, we have miniature guitars and some action figures of guitar heroes.
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LOT 23:

Vintage original 1966 Mosrite The Ventures electric guitar in hard case

Sold for: $3,600
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$ 1
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$5 - $3,500
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Vintage original 1966 Mosrite The Ventures electric guitar in hard case
Vintage original 1966 Mosrite The Ventures electric guitar in original hard case. A fantastic 1960’s instrument that doesn’t appear to have been played a whole lot. Comes in an aqua color although some of the photos show it as blue. Serial number is V5138, both pickups are marked Mosrite of California. It has been recently restrung and had the volume pot and toggle switch replaced. Both of the original pieces are still here but the toggle switch had loosened up over the years and the volume part was completely frozen. Comes with the original strap that shows a little bit of where but it still in very good condition as seen in the photos. The original case is in good very good condition but the clasps open and close perfectly every time. I will say that the strings probably could have been larger, maybe Ernie ball 10’s or even 11s. I did play it through my own Blackstar and wasn’t exactly impressed with the sound output but I also don’t play surf music so it could be that it would sound just right played without heavy distortion.