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2 medals: 1.Pure silver 999 very rare silver, 3000 Jerusalem City of David 2.Rav Kook Pure Silver Medal 999 A very ...

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2 medals: 1.Pure silver 999 very rare silver, 3000 Jerusalem City of David 2.Rav Kook Pure Silver Medal 999 A very rare collectible item
Land of Israel
Issue year: 1995
Face value: City of David
Condition: XF
Metal: Pure Silver 999
Weight: 60 grams
Diameter: 50 mm
Final quantity: 3,000
Design: Yaakov Anidi
3000 years to Jerusalem
State Medal, 1995
3,000 years ago, King David conquered Jerusalem from the Jebusites. "City of David" was established on the "Jebusite shoulder" above the Shiloah spring. It was surrounded on three sides by deep valleys, and above it, on the north side, towered the Temple Mount. David made Jerusalem the capital of the Kingdom of Israel. For the first time, all the institutions and powers of the kingdom, political and spiritual, were concentrated in one place and in one hand. His son Solomon completed the craft and erected the temple on the Temple Mount. Many peoples ruled Jerusalem, but more than it conquered - they were conquered by it. Even today, Jerusalem ignites the imaginations of millions of people around the world, and everyone has a part in it. The thousands of years of Jerusalem crystallized and laid layer upon layer upon it, but also did not overshadow the initial essence imprinted in the City of David - the City of Eternity.
The face of the medal: a panorama of the Old and New Jerusalem city with the inscription "3000 Jerusalem, City of David" in the center. At the top, along the perimeter, is the inscription "Jerusalem City of David" as well as the Arabic version.
Back of the medal: King David's mosaic from the ancient synagogue in Gaza and below it, along the perimeter, the inscription "House of David" in ancient Hebrew taken from a stone slab from the ninth century BC. On the left, along the perimeter, the verse , Along the perimeter, in English "He called it the city of David" and the source "Samuel 2".
Scope: State emblem, on the right "State of Israel", on the left "STATE OF ISRAEL" and the medal number. In the bronze / tombback medal "BRONZE BRONZE". In the silver medal "999.9 S", in the gold medal "Z.750. G", in the platinum medal "PURE PLATINUM" and in the copper-nickel medal "Nan / CN".
Numbering: All medals are numbered, gold medals are numbered from 1 to 2000 (Medal No. 1177 Homsa)
Design: Yaakov Anidi
Carving: Tidhar Dagan.
Coin: Bronze / Tombek and Silver - Hecht. Nickel, gold and platinum copper - the government printer.
2. Rabbi Kook
Land of Israel
Issue year: 2006
Face value: Rabbi Kook
Condition: XF
Metal: Pure Silver 999
Weight: 62 grams (2 ounces of pure silver)
Diameter: 50 mm
Face of the medal: Rabbi Kook
Final quantity / maximum: 360 units
Design: Aaron Shavu
Rabbi Kook
Official Medal, 2006
The special figure of the late Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen (1935-1865) continues to illuminate for more than 70 years since his death. Thought and thought for generations to the worlds of hidden inner wisdom - the weight of Kabbalah, the talent for writing in a fluent and fluid style are just a tiny attempt to draw the lines of his character.
The late Rabbi Kook stood at the crossroads of the historical decisions of the Zionist movement, and was a full partner in realizing the vision of the Return to Zion of our time. His unequivocal determination to see the rebuilding of the Land of Israel as the fulfillment of the vision of the prophets of Israel, was to have an impact on both the Zionist movement and the religious public. The love of truth that he had for each and every one of Israel helped him to feel emotional closeness to all the leaders of the public in all shades of society, and it returned him with love and admiration.
The late Rabbi Eye Kook was born in Lithuania, where he studied with the Torah scholars, headed by the commissioner from Valuzin, where he served in two rabbinical positions. In 1904, he became "rabbi of Jaffa and the colonies." At the end of the First World War, he served - in a kind of temporary position - as the rabbi of the "Religious Holders" in London and upon his return to Israel in 1921) he was the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem and while the Chief Rabbinate of Israel was founded by him, he was the first Chief Rabbi Israel.
His halakhic writings include the "clear halakhah" on the entire Talmud, when his vision was to attach a "halakhic clarification" to it and make it the Eretz Israel Talmud of the resurrection generation; Question and answer books for thousands, inquiries and commentaries. In the book series "Orot Hakodesh", and in other books of thought such as: "Orot", "Orot Hatshuva", "Orot HaTorah" and others, his rich spiritual world unfolds. His social involvement led him to establish in Jerusalem the "World Central Yeshiva" better known as the "Rabbi Center" from which grew Torah scholars and scholars integrated into all life systems in the country and the world.
The late Rabbi Kook is one of the first line of exemplary figures of all generations.
The face of the medal: In front of the medal is the radiant figure of the late Rabbi Maran against the background of his eloquent and vigorous handwriting, emphasizing some of his letters, from "clear halakhah" to his thoughtful writings, most of which are based on the significant name typical of his world.
Back of the medal: On the back of the medal near the entrance gate to the "House of the Rabbi" - there are two sayings from his pen about "poetry" and "love" for the individual and the whole, for happiness and goodness, honesty and truth.
Scope: metal, state emblem, right "State of Israel", left "STATE OF ISRAEL" and issue number
Design: Aaron Shavu.
Carving: Tidhar Dagan.
Coin: The Government Medal and Coin Company Coin.