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Jun 9, 2022
HOLON, Israel

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3 medals: 1.Tel Aviv and New York Pure Silver Medal 999 Rare collectible item 2.Jerusalem Medal Paris Pure Silver ...

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3 medals: 1.Tel Aviv and New York Pure Silver Medal 999 Rare collectible item 2.Jerusalem Medal Paris Pure Silver 999 Beautiful collectible item in relief design 3.500 year medal for the discovery of America Pure silver 999 Rare collectible item

* Collection of rare medals for collectors Pure Silver 999 Total collection 177 grams (5.69 ounces)

Issue year: 1991

Metal: Pure Silver 999
Weight: 60 grams
Diameter: 50.0 mm
Design by Asher Calderon, Mark Freeman
Tel Aviv and New York
State Medal, 1991
Much in common with Tel Aviv and New York. The bustle, the special smell, the colorfulness, the entertainment, the fashion, the cultural centers and more. The connection between the cities has existed for over 85 years. Even in the years when a handful of Jews dreamed of establishing a glorious Hebrew neighborhood, they imagined Tel Aviv developing as the New York of Eretz Israel. Akiva Aryeh Weiss, who headed the group that initiated the establishment of Tel Aviv, even then, in a pamphlet he wrote, compared Tel Aviv to New York. Since the first comparison between Tel Aviv and New York at the turn of the century, New York has left its mark on Tel Aviv city life on many and varied levels, mainly in imitating art and entertainment culture, but also in building, commercial and economic styles.
The face of the medal: the white square of Danny Karavan with the shoreline and the buildings of Tel Aviv in the background. Above the square is the caption "Tel Aviv-Yafo" and "TEL AVIV-YAFO".
Back of Medal: New York City Skyline and Statue of Liberty. At the top, along the perimeter, is the caption "NEW YORK • NEW YORK CITY."
Scope: State emblem, on the right "State of Israel", on the left "STATE OF ISRAEL" and the medal number. In the bronze / tombback "Bronze Bronze", in the silver medal "999.9 S" and in the gold medal "G-6,916-G"
Numbering: All medals are numbered.
Design: Tel Aviv - Asher Calderon, according to motifs by Danny Karavan. New York - Mark Freeman.
Carving: Tidhar Dagan.
Coin: Arad / Tombek - Hecht. Silver and gold - the government printer.
2.Medal Jerusalem Paris
Metal: Pure Silver 999
Diameter: 50 mm
Weight: 58 grams
3. Year 500 for the discovery of America
Issue year 1992
Metal: Pure Silver 999
Weight: 60 grams / 59 grams
Diameter: 50.0 mm
Quantity: Final / Maximum 1,070
Design: Avraham Pat
500 years of American discovery
State Medal, 1992
500 years ago, Christopher Columbus sailed following a dream: with a fleet of three ships the stubborn sailor set out west, to explore the East. The journey that Columbus began in 1492 led to a discovery that changed reality beyond recognition - a new world was revealed, a world with hopes and promises for a new life. Gates were opened for the dreamers who followed him and for all of humanity, gates for freedom and progress. Ironically, those rulers who sent Columbus on his journey, during that very year, denied the right to dream of other nationals.
The Jews were expelled from Spain, and after years of wandering in the old world, many of them found their place in the new world whose gates Columbus opened. This is the thread that connects the fate of the Jewish people to the dream of one man. This connection gives the event a special dimension in the eyes of the people of Israel.
Face of the Medal: Columbus' ship, its sails swollen from the wind, enters the Gulf of Mexico and to the left the American continent. In the lower part, on the right, the verse "Past Meals" and the source "Psalms 8, 9", and on the left the English version "Through the paths of the seas" and the source "9 8 psalms"
Back of Medal: Statue of Liberty on Elements Symbolizing America: Skyscrapers, Edison's first electric lamp, cast in flight to the moon, atom, suspension bridges, Coca-Cola bottle, symbol of American pop. On the right, the years "1492" as well as "1992" and the caption "The New World" as well as "THE NEW WORLD".
Scope: State emblem, on the right "State of Israel", on the left "STATE OF ISRAEL" and the medal number. In the bronze / tombback medal "BRONZE BRONZE", in the silver medals "about 999 S" and in the gold medal "Z.750. G".
Numbering: Bronze / Tombek - numbered 1900, melted 14. Silver - numbered 1074, melted 4. Gold - numbered 398, melted 8.
Design: Avraham Pat.
Carving: Kretschmer.
Coin: Bronze / Tomback and Silver - Kretschmer. Gold - The Government Printer.

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