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Laniado, Abraham. Magen Avraham [sermons ...

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Laniado, Abraham. Magen Avraham [sermons pertaining to circumcision, marriage, Torah, charity, repentance, etc.]

FIRST EDITION. ff. 180. Some staining, slight marginal worming, few leaves remargined, final leaf of index with some loss. Modern vellum-backed boards. 4to. Vinograd, Venice 964.

Daniel Zanetti, Venice: 1603.

Abraham Laniado was a member of a highly respected family of rabbinic scholars in Aleppo, Syria. In his youth he was sent by his father Yitzhak Laniado to study in the yeshiva of Joseph Karo in Safed. Upon his return to Aleppo, he married the daughter of his uncle Samuel Laniado, the author of the famed Kli Yakar commentary to the Prophets. Abraham Laniado traveled to Venice to oversee the publication of his father-in-law's works, as well as the present work, his own collection of sermons. See David Sutton, Aleppo: City of Scholars (2005) p. 247, no. 345 (title-page illustrated).