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LOT 42:

Autograph Beth Din verdict followed by signatures of Dayanim:


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Autograph Beth Din verdict followed by signatures of Dayanim:

Adjudication of a dispute between the communities of Pest and Miskolc. The rabbinical court awarded the Miskolc community 2/3 of their claim, or 2,000 forint.
One page.
Pest: 9th Sivan 1951

This rabbinical court verdict was issued in the final years before the migration of the last of Hungary’s great rabbis to the US and Eretz Israel.

Members of the rabbinical court of the Hungarian Orthodox Board of Rabbis who signed on the document here include:

R. Moshe Nathan Nota Lemberger, Av Beth Div of Mako (1909-82).

R. Mordechai Greenfeld (1896-1963), rabbi in Hajdúhadház, Nyíregyháza, Budapest and Vienna before moving to Eretz Yisrael; author of Vayaged Mordechai and publisher of the responsa of his illustrious grandfather, R. Shimon Greenfeld (Maharsha’g).

R. Yehoshua Lerner, rabbi in Bonyhad, Pest, and Vienna, before moving to America; author of Responsa Knesseth Yehoshua (d. 1969).

R. Baruch Zvi Moskowitz, Av Beth Din of Paks, author of 9 volumes of Tenuvoth Baruch (1907-1990).

Following World War II, the Hungarian Orthodox community remained quite vibrant. It is evident from this document that there remained several outstanding Torah scholars in communities around the country. It was only in 1956, with the failed revolution, that Hungary was all but emptied of vibrant Orthodox Jewish life.