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LOT 33:

Sefer HaZohar - Slavuta, 1824

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Sefer HaZohar - Slavuta, 1824

Part three Vayikra.

Part four Bamidbar and Devorim. 

Printed by Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Shapiro of Slavuta, son of the Rav of Slavuta and the grandson of the holy Rav Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz. Slavuta, 1824

Bound with a partial copy of part three.

Later covers detached, lacking spine, lacking title and first page to Vayikra - pages 3 and 4 rubbed corners affecting text.

Second volume Bamidbar- Devorim, clean title, slight damp stains, last 27 pages tattered bottom left corner with loss of text to many pages.

Seemingly lacking a few pages at end. Otherwise a fair copy.

Stamp of the Beis Medrash Tshitilnik

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