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LOT 8:

A Selection of seventeen varied Antique Seforim.

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A Selection of seventeen varied Antique Seforim.

1. Pene Mevin Vol 1 and 2. Thessaloniki, 1826. By Rabbi Yitzchak ben Yaakov Navro

New cloth binding, both volumes in sound good condition.

2.  Har HaMor, Lvov, 1873. By Rabbi Moshe Rashkover

Later cloth binding, title detached,   A good sound copy.

3. Sefer Zichron. Livorno, 1845. By Rabbi Avraham ben Shlomo Halevi Bikrout

Later covers detached damped stained. A good sound copy.

4. Rechovos Ir, Warsaw 1857.  By Rabbi Moshe Shlomo Zalmen Halevi

Later cloth binding. With handwritten pages on the Gra. A very good sound copy.

5 . Maamar HaIkrim, [Konigsberg] [1858]. By Rabbi R. Moshe Chaim Luzzatto

Explanations of the fundamental beliefs in which we believe. Such as Torah, Mitzvos, Afterlife, Miracles and Redemption.

Original binding damped stains.  A good sound copy.

6. Yemin Moshe. Lemberg, 1860.

Original cloth binding, gold-edged,   A very good sound copy.

7.  Zerah Anoshim, Mumkatch - Husiyatan, 1902. By Rabbi Chaim Yosef Dovid Azuli

Later cloth bindings,   A very good sound copy.

8. Krach Shel Romi, Livorno, 1876. By Rabbi Yisroel Moshe ben Eliezer Hazzan

Original binding, spine taped,    A very good sound copy.

9.  Keseph Nivchar, Livorno, 1794. By Rabbi Avi Ezri Zelig ben Yitzchak Eizik Margolius

Later cloth binding, signature on title, title reinforced, Water stained throughout, worming to top margin with slight loss of letters. Otherwise a good sound copy.

10 . Shchitos Ubidikos - Incomplete Copy.שחיטות ובדיקות, פראג  Prag, 1784. By Rabbi Yaakov ben Yehudah Vail

Detached covers,   Title stained Sefer ends at page 19 - Incomplete.

11. Pirkie Shira, Mantua, 1661. By Rabbi Chanina Monzilisi

Later covers, title border repaired, first six pages slight worming, worming to inner margins with loss of text. Otherwise a very good sound copy.

12. Mishmeres Hakodesh, Livorno 1825.

Later cloth bindings, corners tattered. Otherwise a good sound copy.

13. Chumash Devarim. Frankfurt-On-The-Oder 1765. Antique signature.

Original leather covers, title reinforced, water-stained, separate title for Haftorah, last two pages repaired with minor loss to text.

14. Chemda Genuza, Podgorza 1903.

Later cloth covers, title detached.

15. Teshuvot Marish. Jerusalem.

Original covers detached. Authors stamp and signature.

16. Sefer Or Naarav, Part 3. Livorno.

17. Sefer Hameamer. Jerusalem 1912.


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