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LOT 7:

Selection of Antique Seforim, with important signatures and Glosses.

Sold for: $200
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$ 80
Buyer's Premium: 25%
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Selection of Antique Seforim, with important signatures and Glosses.

1. Emek Yehoshua , by Rabbi Yehoshua Isaac of Kalvariah (Reb Eizel Charif)

Responsa on selections of the Talmud

Warsaw, 1842, two parts.

2. Sefer Shalsheles Hakabalah, Lviv 1862.

3. Toldos Adom

Orech Lnaar on Misechte Avos

Toras Gitten, - with glosses

Makor Chaim, - with glosses

Stamps of Rabbi Yaakov in Rabbi Kassavsky Av Beis Din of Valkavisk.

4. Afikei Yehuda , by Rabbi Yehuda Leib Adel. Lemberg, 1829.

A compilation of lectures on various topics with explanations of the Mikra Kodesh and the teachings of Chazal.

Sefer Afikei Yehuda is also known as one of the most essential Sifrey Drush, on which many lecturers have built their Drashos. Hesped on the Gaon of Vilno.

Antique Signature & marginallia. 

Original detached covers, lacking spine. A very good sound copy.

5. Ner Mitzvah, by Rabbi Asher Anshel Greenwald. Ungvar, 1929. Anthology of everything pertaining to Chanukah.

Signature & stamps of Rabbi Eliyahu Pollak Rabbi of Votkert.

6. Kehal Yeudah, by Rabbi Yehudah ben Yoseph Ashkenazi. Discussions on Shulchan Orech. Salonika, 1825

Later cloth covers ends tattered from age not affecting text, few water stains, seemingly lacking pages at end. A fair copy.

7. Important Halachos for Pesach and when it coincides with Shabbos, by Rabbi Avrahom Eliezer Citran. San Paula, 1954

Signature of the author Rabbi Avraham Eliezer Citran Av Beis Din of Darg, Budapest, San Paula.

Rare. Original paper covers. A new sound copy.

8. Artzos HaShalom, Drushim, by Gaon Rabbi Meir Leibush [Weiser] Malbim.

Printed by Yudel of Slonim and Yehoshua Gershon Munk of Warsaw.

On the title page: "כש"נ בקראטשין" referring to [1861].

Second edition, in the author's lifetime. [Warsaw], [1861].

Unbound. A very good sound copy.

9. Aleph Hamagen, Vilno, 1895.

Original covers. A very good sound copy,

10  Maalot Even - part two by Rabbi Avraham Yehudah Leib Kozak

Responsa on laws of Gittin, Tefillin, and Eruvin. Warsaw, 1885

With: Tiv Kedushin, by Rabbi Arte Leib Tzintz.Warsaw,

11.  Sefer Shaar Hagilgulim.  Jerusalem 1912.