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LOT 24:

Selection of fourteen Antique Chassidish Seforim.1863-1960

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Selection of fourteen Antique Chassidish Seforim.1863-1960

1. Kedushas Levi- Avot.  Lemberg, 1863.

A good sound copy.

2. Shar Hatefilah. Lviv 1866.

Original binding,   A good sound copy.

3. Or HaMeir, by Rebbe Ze'ev Wolf of Zhitomir. Lemberg, 1871

Homilies and allusions on the Torah, the Megillot, and Festivals, according to Chassidic and Kabbalistic teachings,

Original binding, a very good sound copy.

4. Sefer Chasidim, Zhitomir press of Yitzchok Moshe Bakst 1870.

Original binding detached, a very good sound copy.

5. Noam Megadim - V'Kavod HaTorah, by Rabbi Eliezer Horovitz. Lemberg, 1859.

Chassidic thoughts on the weekly portion. 

Unbound, printed on green tint rag paper, a good sound copy with some repairs.

6-8 Seder Hayom. Lublin, 1875

Birchas Chayim, Lublin, 1890

Darchei Chayim , Lublin, 1886

Kuntris Pirkei Shirah, Lublin, 1886

All bound in one volume. Cloth covers, leather spine, In very good sound condition.

9. Knesset Yehezkel - Two Parts. Pninim Yekarim on the Torah and sermons left by Rabbi Yechezkel Panet Rebbe of Desh.

Includes the rare donor page at the end of the book.

First edition. [Klausenburg]. 1931 

Original covers, a very good sound copy.

10. Divrei Yechezkel, Shinev second edition, Haskomas by Rabbi Chaim Boruch Rubin.

Krakow, 1922.

Original cloth binding, damp stains to title. A very good sound copy.

11. Darchei Chayim, Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz. Satu- Mare - Romania 1940.

Original covers, page 10 and 11 stained,   A good sound copy.

12. Derech Chaim, Bartfeld, 1904.

Bond in later cloth, a good sound copy.

13. Sefer Hatorah Vhamitzvos. Jerusalem,

14. Chidushei Torah (Satmar), Bnei Brak, Kislev 1960.

Paperback pamphlet, printed cover rubbed and missing small bottom piece, otherwise a very good sound copy.