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LOT 5:

Selection of Antique Seforim, with important signatures.

Sold for: $180
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$ 50
Buyer's Premium: 25%
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Selection of Antique Seforim, with important signatures.

1. Shaar Ephraim by Rabbi Ephraim ben Yakov HaCohen. Lemberg, 1886. Teshuvot Reb Akiva Eiger, Warsaw 1892.

Antique Rabbinic glosses from the time of printing.

Later covers. A good sound copy.

2. Yosef Lekach, by Rabbi Eliezer ben Eliyahu Ashkenazi

Commentaries on Megillat Esther. Warsaw, 1838

3. Shoshanat HaAmakim, by Rabbi Yakov ben Yakov Moshe of Lisa. Commentaries on Megilas Esther. Warsaw, 1838

Original binding, various water stains. A good sound copy.

4. Shefah Mitzvos, by Rabbi Yehuda Kroiz   Bardejov, 1922

Discussion on Taryag Mitzvot.

Rabbi Yehuda Segal Kroiz ben Rabbi Shimon Chaim, the son-in-law of Rabbi Naftali Schreiber. Studied Torah diligently in Kleinwarden, where he authored his Seforim: "Assarah Devarim - Minchas Yehuda - Kuntres Oker Harim" an addendum to Sefer "Nefesh Adam" (Munkatch, 1906) and "Sinai - Kovetz Abayei" (Munkatch, 1909). Later, he served as Av Beis Din of Dobra and the vicinity and studied Kabbalah. There he published the four sections of his Sefer "Shefah Mitzvos" (Munkatch, 1922) and "Ketz HaPela'os" (Munkatch, 1924). His Seforim demonstrates sharpness and wondrous knowledge. Soon after, he became sick, retired, and settled in the Kloiz of Kleinwarden.

He sadly perished in Auschwitz.

Signature of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Wahl. Handstamp of Rabbi Yaakov Nechemia Fleisman, Satmar.

Unbound, uncut, title missing left bottom corner, water-stained at bottom of pages. A very good sound copy.  

5. Sheva Chakiros - Seven Investigations.

A debate between Rabbi Ishmael Hanina son of Rabbi Mordechai Harofe and Manuel Montoni, in the month of November 1568.  Husiatyn, 1904

Unbound and uncut, a very good sound copy.

6. Ohel Yitzchok, by Rabbi Yitzchok ben Eliezer from Hungary. Pressburg, 1850

Laws of Kosher slaughtering and the checking of the lungs and innards.

Later covers, title repaired affecting margin. A very good sound copy,

7. Meoros Tzvi, Lemberg, 1865

Original covers detached. A very good sound copy.

8.  Sefer Habris HaShalem, by Rabbi Pinchas Eliyahu [Horowitz]. Warsaw, 1872.

Chidushei Torah, Mussar Haskalah and Chochmas HaEmes.

Handstamps of Rabbi Abraham Halevi Lifshitz Rabbi of Fall River, Mass & of his Son Rabbi Binyomin also Rabbi there.

Original embossed covers, spine detached. A good sound copy.

9. Das Nevonim, by Rabbi Yechiel Michoel Shapira. Yaroslav, 1908. Only Edition.

A comprehensive essay on the issue of Rabbi Chanina the assistant Kohen in the Misechte Psochim.

By Rabbi Yechiel Michoel Kahana Shapira, Av Beis Din of Radmishla.Son of Rabbi Shlomo Dovid Kahana Shapira Av Beit Din of Plantsh.

Original covers, detached. A good sound copy.

10. Avodas Yisroel

Previous owner stamp Shmuel Pinchas Halevi Glazer, Biyolistock.

Original binding, front cover detached, A good sound copy.