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Jan 11, 2022
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LOT 6:

Selection of Antique Seforim, with important signatures.

Sold for: $130
Start price:
$ 80
Buyer's Premium: 25%
sales tax: 8.375% On the full lot's price and commission

Selection of Antique Seforim, with important signatures.

1. She'elot U'Teshuvot Tzemach Tzedek by Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Nikolsburg.

The book includes a beautiful approbation by Rabbi Yosef Steinhardt, Rabbi of Furth.

Furth, 1766

Original cover, pages 2,3,7,10.11,51, 127, 145,146, 189, 190,191 trimmed and missing text.

Signature of Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Haleivi Bamberger Rabbi of Bad-Kissingen.

2. Mekor Chayim, by Rabbi Yaakov Lorberbaum of Lissa. Novellae and elucidations on the Holiday of Passover.  

Russian-Polish print,


Original detached covers, lacking spine. A very good sound copy.

3. Get Mekusher - First edition. Constantinople, 1767.

Laws of the preparations, arrangement, and execution of a "GET" divorce.

Later covers detached, few water stains, worming last 40 pages to inner margin and other spots with loss of text. Otherwise a nice copy.

4. Sefer HaYashar, Lemberg, 1840. Original binding, a very good sound copy.

5.  Mesilat Yesharim by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto.

Discussion of ethics and fear of Heaven,

Kenigsberg, Year {?}

6. Chochmat HaYad by Rabbi Moshe ben Eliyahu Galino (Galina)

Knowing an Individual's life story by reading the lines of a person's palm.

Contains many details for 'Palm-Reading' and various clues indicating an individual's life story.

Kenigsberg, Year {?}

Original binding, Scarce.

Sefer Chochmat HaYad Incomplete - only 15 pages seemingly missing.

7. Machaneh Ephraim by Rabbi Ephraim Navon, Warsaw, 1878.

Writing & signature of Rabbi Baruch Esman of Kyiv.

Original covers, spine taped a very good sound copy.

8. Zivchei Ratzon by Rabbi Shraga Feivel Frankel. Warsaw, 1872

Laws regarding Kosher slaughtering and inspecting the innards and lungs of animals.

Detached later covers, aged stains, otherwise a good sound copy.

9. (Avot) Beit Avot, Berlin, 1889.

Original covers lacking front and spine, a very good sound copy.

10. Seforim from the Chofetz Chaim:

Ahavas Chesed,

Shem Olam,

Chomas Hadas,

Mamar Toras Habayis.

Previous owner stamp, Shlomo Yoel Yunger, Ternove.

Original covers. A very good sound copy.