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LOT 21:

Koheles Dovid, First edition. Lublin, 1882.

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Koheles Dovid, First edition. Lublin, 1882.

By Harav Dovid of Tolna. Torah discussion on the Torah and Mo’adim

Lublin, 1882.

The Admor Harav Dovid of Tolna’s sefarim, among them Magen Dovid (Zhitomir, 1852), Birkas Dovid (Zhitomir, 1862) and his final work, Kehillas Dovid (Lublin, 1882) are unique in that he not only authored and edited them exclusively by himself, as opposed to involving one of his disciples in the project, but that he also printed and published them by himself.

In his preface, the author inscribes a message that he repeated every Shabbos: “G-d has placed me as a spokesperson to guide the Congregation of Israel along the straight path, to bind them in eternal ropes to perform the will of our Father in heaven.”

Original covers, title and following seven pages top corner lacking with loss to text, otherwise a very good sound copy.