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LOT 3:

Selection of Antique Seforim. 1700-1819

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Selection of Antique Seforim. 1700-1819

1. Yad Avi Shalom – Offenbach, 1720 – First Edition.

By Rabbi Yosef Shalom ben Dovid. Insights on the Torah portions and Haftorahs.

Later covers, various water stains, a very good sound copy.

2. Yalkut Re'uveni - Shikchas Leket, by Rabbi Avraham Reuven Katz. Amsterdam, 1700

With Shikhas Leket by Rabbi Nasan b. Yaakov Bonn

Collection of Midrashic and kabbalistic teachings.

Second Edition

Later covers, second Sefer corners reinforced with loss of text.

3. Ner Tamid, by Rabbi Boruch ben Moshe Bendet. Novy Dvor, 1803


Chidushim on Misechte Krisus.

Later covers, taters edges, minor water stains good sound copy.

4. Mishnas D’Rebbe Eliezer - First edition, Shklov 1819. by Rabbi Eliezer Av Beis Din of Slonim.

On Messchtos Shabbat, Pesachim, Yevamot, Bava Metzia. Printed in the author's lifetime.

Printed on light blue paper.

Later covers. title lacking top left corner, foxing throughout with slight loss of text, Worming, otherwise a good complete sound copy.

5. Yalkut Shimoni, Frankfurt-on-the-oder, 1709

Part two, Nevi’im and Ketuvim,

Later cloth covers, title detached lacking corner, water and damp stained. A fair copy. 

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