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Jan 11, 2022
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LOT 10:

Tola'as Yaakov - Kabbalah. Bohuslav, 1820.

Sold for: $190
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$ 50
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Tola'as Yaakov - Kabbalah. Bohuslav, 1820.

Kabbalistic commentary to prayer, by R. Meir ibn Gabbai (1480-1540s), a Spanish exile. This work provides a comprehensive summation of kabbalah as it existed prior to its flowering in Tzefas.

Tola’as Yaakov is frequently cited as a source in the Shaloh and the Sifrei CHID”A.

One of only 4 Seforim printed in Bohuslav.

Vinograd Bohuslav 3. Rare edition.

Bohuslav, 1820.

New covers, minor professionally repaired corners, a very good sound copy.