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LOT 2:

Selection of Antique Seforim by Sephardic authors

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Selection of Antique Seforim by Sephardic authors

1. Minchas B'kurim, by Rabbi Riphoel ben Shmuel M'yuchis

Chidushim on Gemarah. Thessalonikē, 1752

Antique signatures on Title Pg.

Later covers slightly detached, a good sound copy.

2. Chasdei Dovid, by Rabbi Dovid Pardo. Only edition. Livorno, 1776.

Fundamental and first extensive commentary on the Tosefta. 

Rabbi David Pardo [1708-1790] was born in Venice. He served as rabbi of Ispaltro and then of Sarajevo. He also served as a substitute chief rabbi of Belgrade Jewry. In 1775, he traveled to Livorno in order to print one of his books. There he met the Chid"a, who was in Livorno at the time as an emissary of Kollel Chevron. They connected and occupied themselves with Talmud and halachah. Later on, in 1784, his younger son, Rabbi Avraham, married Simchah, the Chid"a's daughter. While he was staying in Livorno, he also met the Mahari"t Algazi and Rabbi Ya'akov Chazan, who gave an approbation to his book. After his ascent to the Holy Land, he was summoned to serve as a member of the Mahari"t Algazi's beit din. He led the Chessed L'Avraham V'Binyan Shlomo yeshivah in Jerusalem. He also authored the books: Maskil L'David, Shoshanim L'David, Michtam L'David, LaMenatzech L'David, Mizmor L'David and Chukat HaPesach.

Later covers, a very good sound copy.

3. Derech Yesharah, by Rabbi Reuven ben Avrahom from Yerushalayim. Livorno, 1788

Prayers (Tephilos), healings, conduct, and remedies for a more productive life.

Later covers, title and other pages reinforced, apparent water stains and usage, a good sound copy. 

4. Mar'eh HaOfanim, by Rabbi Ya'akov Feitusi. Livorno, 1815

On tractate of the Talmud. Novellae of the Ra'ah (Aharon ben Rabbi Yosef HaLevi) on Tractate Beitzah with the commentary of Yagel Ya'akov, Tosfot HaRosh on Tractate Sotah.

Later covers, Worming in the beginning, slight foxing towards end of Sefer with loss of text, otherwise a good sound copy.

5. Kehilat Yaakov, by Rabbi Jacob Pardo. Venice, 1784

Commentary on Nevi'im.

Later covers, title damp stained, otherwise a very good sound copy.

6. Shut Harasba part four, Saloniki 1803.

Long dedication in a Sephardic handwriting.

Later covers, foxing last 6 pages with minimal loss of text, a very good sound copy.

7. Mizbeiach Kaporoh, by Rabbi Yaakov ben Avrahom Petusei. Livorno, 1810

Responsa on Misechta Chulin, Bechorot, Minochot

Later covers, a very good sound copy.

8. Mishbetzet Zahav, by Rabbi Nosson Ben Chaim Amram. Responsa in two parts. Livorno, 1851

Antique signature on Title pg.

Later covers, a very good sound copy.

9. Shut Harasba, Livorno 1778.

Original covers, rubbed spine, a good sound copy.

The book’s title page bears the signature of the owner, “May G-d be gracious unto Hirsch, son of the late teacher, Rabbi Meir Traub ztz"l.” Rabbi Hirsch Traub was the rabbi of Mannheim in Germany. For a certain period he served alongside Rabbi Yaakov Ettlinger, author of Aroch l’Ner, as the rabbi of the rabbinic court and as a teacher. Rabbi Traub fought hard against the Reform movement and a sharply worded letter from him was published in Torat Hakana’ut, Amsterdam, 1845.

Rabbi Hirsch Traub was in close contact with other rabbis in Germany, and his opinion was esteemed and accepted by many of them. He died in the summer of 1849.

Previous owner stamp Yaakov Halevi Lipshitz.

10. Seder Eliyahu, by Rabbi Nissim Eliyahu. Salonica, 1816

Later covers, title reinforced around margins, slight damp stains, last 2 pages detached at spine with loss to text.

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