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Jan 11, 2022
Pomona NY 10970, United States

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LOT 1:

Two volumes of antique Seforim.

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Sold for: $160
Start price:
$ 50
Buyer's Premium: 25%
sales tax: 8.375% On the full lot's price and commission

Two volumes of antique Seforim.

Volume one:

1- Kav HaYashar

by Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Koidanover. Lemberg, 1851

2- Shivchei Reb Chayim Vital. Russian print Unknown

3- Shulchan Orech. Lemberg, 1850

4- Tochechet Musar. Orders of service to Hashem according to the Ari Hakadosh.

Lemberg, 1850

5- Chochmat Ha'Yad.Palmistry … and wisdom of the hand.

Lemberg, 1849. Scarce.

All bound together.

Original binding, all in good sound condition.

Volume two:

6- Orchoth Tzadikim

Ethics, according to the teachings of the Chassidei Aschkenaz.

Anonymous. Lemberg, 1835.

7- Matat Elo-him. Zolkiew, 1835.

8- Sefer Hanefeshby Rabbi Shem Tov ben Yoseph Palkira. Lemberg, 1935

Original binding, all in good sound complete condition.

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