Auction 035 A special Chabad Auction in Honor of the Thirty Fifth Anniversary of Hei Teves - the Renowned Victory in the Seforim Case – Didan Notzach
Dec 7, 2021
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This auction features letters and rare items of Chabad Rebbes and Rebbetzins.
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LOT 8:

Two Crystal Cups Used by Rebbe Rayatz on Pesach 1940 – Purchased Upon his Arrival in the US by Rabbi Shlomo Aharon ...

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Two Crystal Cups Used by Rebbe Rayatz on Pesach 1940 – Purchased Upon his Arrival in the US by Rabbi Shlomo Aharon Kazarnovsky - With Certificate of Authenticity Signed by His Daughter Rebbetzin Chana Gurary

Two cups, with matching saucers, used by Rebbe Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, Rebbe Rayatz of Lubavitch during Pesach 1940. The cups and saucers were purchased by the Chassid Rabbi Shlomo Aharon Kazarnovsky, upon the Rayatz's arrival in the US.
Crystal cups and saucers, made by the Cambridge Glass Company, Ohio, late 1930s. Decorated with medallions and flowers (Rose Point etching).
Letter of authenticity enclosed (handwritten note, in English), signed in Hebrew by Rebbetzin Chana Gurary (1899-1991), eldest daughter of Rebbe Rayatz: "I hereby gift... the 3 cups with saucers used by my father for Pesach in 1940. They were a gift from Shlomo Aharon Kazarnofsky. It was made by Cambridge and the style was known as Rosepoint". The letter is dated 3rd September, 1989. (The letter states "3 cups and saucers", however, only two cups and saucers are offered here). Enclosed: a large wooden box, which apparently was also used by Rebbe Rayatz or his family (the box was given together with the cups and saucers but is not mentioned in the letter).

In 1939, with the outbreak of WWII, Rebbe Rayatz, his mother Rebbetzin Shterna Sarah, his wife Rebbetzin Nechama Dina and his daughter Rebbetzin Chana and her husband, R. Shemaryahu Gurary were stranded in Warsaw under German occupation, their lives in great danger. During these perilous times, the Rayatz was forced to flee from house to house, seeking shelter from the bombings, and rumors spread that he was caught and executed by the Germans. After the intervention of the US government, and with the assistance of several German officers, the Rayatz succeeded in fleeing Warsaw, together with an entourage of about 20 family members and friends. After several months of travail and wandering, they left occupied Europe in Adar I, 1940 and sailed to the US.
On Monday, 8th Adar II 1940, after sailing the seas for 12 days, Rebbe Rayatz arrived in New York. On 9th Adar II, following a short reception at the port, the Rayatz arrived at his temporary quarters – Room 609 at the Greystone Hotel on Broadway and 91st Street in Manhattan NY.
Immediately thereafter, the Agudas Chasidei Chabad invested great efforts in finding an appropriate permanent residence for the rebbe and his family. R. Shlomo Aharon Kazarnovsky headed the committee established for this purpose.
Based on the enclosed letter of authenticity, R. Shlomo Aharon Kazarnovsky purchased the present cups and saucers for Rebbe Rayatz, who used them during his first Pesach in the US.
Rebbe Rayatz celebrated his first Pesach in the US in Lakewood, NJ. He stayed in Lakewood from 8th Nissan to 7th Iyar 1940, then returning to Greystone Hotel. On 19th Elul 1940, after some six months of temporary residence, the Rayatz and his family moved to their new home at 770 Eastern Parkway in the center of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. There, the Rayatz rebuilt the Chabad court and its institutions and continued another ten years of blessed activity until his passing on 10th Shevat, 1950

Cups: Approx. 7X9 cm. Saucers: Approx. 14 cm. Good condition.

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