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LOTE 33:

(RABBINICA). Group of c. 17 Letters and documents from pre-War Europe.

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(RABBINICA). Group of c. 17 Letters and documents from pre-War Europe.

Including, see details below:

<<*>> 1- Four donation receipts from Yeshivath Chofetz Chaim in Radin. Three blank, one made to S. Spector of Cincinnati for $100. 4th Nissan, 1926. With autograph etter from R. Chaim Yehuda Beck of Cherkas-Monsey stating he acquired the receipts from Nechemiah Snirowitz, a student of the Yeshiva who moved to Montevideo.

<<*>> 2. R. Yosef Breuer of Frankfurt. Autograph Postcard Signed to R. Eliezer Tarsis of Kelm. Parshath Vayelech, 1922.

<<*>> 3. R. Moshe Landinski, Rosh Yeshivath Radin. Autograph Letter Signed to R. Yosef Eliyahu Henkin confirming receipt of funds. One page. Parshath Shemoth, 1926.

<<*>> 4. R. Avraham MS Frankel (student of Shevet Sofer) affirming the good faith of Shada"r Chaim Tzvi Ratte to the administrators of Jerusalem's Shomrei Hachomos Kollel, of which Frankel was the president. One page. 1929.

<<*>> 5. R. Shmuel Mohilever of Chovevei Tzion. Autograph Letter Signed to R. Chaim Yosef Yafeh the Maggid of Vekshene. Accounting for claimed funds. One page. 21st Cheshvan, 1891.

<<*>> 6. R. Baruch Rabinowitz of Munkatch. Autograph Letter Signed to R. David Perkowitz of Jerusalem. Tel Aviv, Parshath Vayetzei 1945.

<<*>> 7. Letter to R. Mordechai Dov Eidelberg concerning a fundraising drive in which a Torah scroll would be commissioned. Mentions funds to be delivered to R. Chaim Ozer Grodzinski. 15th Adar, 1935.

<<*>> 8. Letter from R. Akiva Sofer(?), Pressberg Yeshiva administration, six handwritten lines below. Parshath Tetzaveh, 1938. With Hebrew broadside from 1939 seeking a similar goal - completion of new student dormitories before the 100th anniversary of the Chasam Sofer's passing.

<<*>> 9. Typed Letter from Piaseczno Da'as Moshe Yeshiva to Tel-Aviv Mayor Israel Rokach (erroneously called Yitzchak). Signed by Yeshiva administrator Kalman Kalmish Huberband. 22nd Iyar, 1937. Huberband was the step-brother of R. Shimon Huberband, author of the Holocaust-chronicle of spiritual resistance to the Nazis entitled Kiddush Hashem. His description of the Piaseczno Rebbe's secret trip to the Mikveh under pain of death were provided by Kalman Kalmish.

<<*>> 10. Receipt of Kimcha Depischa for 12 sacks of flour weighing 85 kilo. With stamp of R. Yeshaya Zilberstein, ABD Vietzen (Vac).