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 הטקסט בעברית מהווה 'ראשי פרקים' בלבד. לכן, מומלץ מאוד לקרוא את הקטלוג באנגלית.
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(RABBINICA). Group of ten Autograph Letters Signed. All written to R. Yehoshua Baumel from pre-War European and ...

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(RABBINICA). Group of ten Autograph Letters Signed. All written to R. Yehoshua Baumel from pre-War European and American Rabbis; many discussing Talmud and Halacha.

Detailed below.

<< *>> 1. R. Tzvi Nathan Manuel. Student of Arugath Habosem and Maharsha"g. Rabbi in Poughkeepsie, New York. Two pages. Questions in learning.

<< *>> 2. R. Yechezkel Stern of Preszov. One page. Question in learning.

<< *>> 3. R. Yekuthiel Yehudah (Leopold) Greenwald. Rabbi in Columbus, Ohio. Two letters. Each two- pages. One with comments on Shu"t Emek Halacha, the other discussing an Agunah.

<< *>> 4. R. Chaim Ben-Zion Notelevitz. Student of R. Chaim Ozer Grodzinski, rabbi of Anshei Radishkowitz in Brooklyn. Two pages. Comments on Shu"t Emek Halachah.

<< *>> 5. R. Yechiel Michel Charlap. Son of R. Ya'akov Moshe Charlap. Rabbi of the Bronx Jewish Center. Three pages. Comments on Shu"t Emek Halacha. 24th Elul, 1934.

<< *>> 6. R. Chaim Heller. Av Beth Din Lomzhe, head of the Beth Medrash Elyon in Berlin. One page. Brief remarks regarding Baumel's work. Adar I, 1948.

<< *>> 7. R. Tzvi David (Harry) Silver. Student of Baumel (mentioned in Igroth Moshe OC 1:91). One page. Questions in learning.

<< *>> 8. R. Avraham Yitzchak Zalmanovitch. Rosh Yeshiva in RIETS, vice-president of Agudath HaRabonim. Four pages. Discussing the nature of the prohibition on polygamy.

<< *>> 9. R. Yisrael Elimelech Moskowitz. Head of Kerem Yisrael Beth Medrash, The Bronx. One page. Comments on Shu"t Emek Halacha. 13th Elul, 1936.

R. Yehoshua Baumel (1880-1948) began his rabbinic career teaching in the Vizhnitz Beth Yisrael Yeshiva before immigrating to America in 1920. An an early member of the Agudath HaRabonim, he was one of the founders of Agudath Israel of America, and served as its first president. His significant literary contribution, was Shu"t Emek Halachah.