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Nov 1, 2021
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Mighty and powerful! one of a kind! Shem Hagdolim with a personal dedication in the holy handwriting of the Hida to his eldest son Rabbi Raphael Yeshaya Azulai!

כוס של ברכה ממטבעות שמירה של הצדיקים הקדושים מסאטמאר פשעווארסק סקולען רבי משה אריה פריינד ועוד

Full Letter Handwritten and Signed by Reb Arele Roth of Shomer Emunim

Manuscript from the Compositions of the Yismach Moshe - With Glosses Handwritten by Rebbe Yekutiel Yehuda Teitelbaum Rabbi of Sighet, Author of Yitav Lev, and Glosses by Rebbe Moshe David Teitelbaum Rabbi of Laposch

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LOT 5:

ספר קב הישר: בלשון הקודש ובלשון אשכנז בכתב עברי ונקודות הנקרא עברי טייטש - חלק ראשון

הוא ספר נחמד לתועלת ...

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ספר קב הישר: בלשון הקודש ובלשון אשכנז בכתב עברי ונקודות הנקרא עברי טייטש - חלק ראשון

הוא ספר נחמד לתועלת הנפש... ובו ק"ב פרקים... [מאת] צבי הירש בן הרב... קאיידנוור... - מאת צבי הירש קאיידנוור. יוזעפאף: בדפוס דוד סעדי ישעי וואקס,  

Kav ha-Yashar holds the torments of hell over the heads of those who do not mend their ways and fulfill God's commandments. The book is replete with wondrous tales depicting the punishment of the evil and the reward of the righteous. The book reflects the suffering and persecution of European Jewry, and the despair wrought by the Shabbatean disillusionment. It also reveals aspects of the communal life of this time - the economic struggle, oppression by leaders of the community, and disregard of religious rituals by Jewish tax collectors whose business brought them into contact with Christian government officials and noblemen. His engaging style, which made the Kav ha-Yashar popular with the masses, and rapidly gained a reputation for it among European Jewry. It has been frequently reprinted (see Friedberg, Eked, 3, 882). Koidonover prepared a popular Yiddish translation (Frankfort, 1709), and a Ladino translation appeared in Constantinople (1724).

R. Zvi Hirsch Koidonover (d. 1712), rabbi and ethical writer (his name derived from Koidanovo, a town near Minsk). Koidonover was born in Vilna and spent his childhood in Kurow near Lublin until 1658 when his father's house was pillaged and his two sisters killed. The rest of the family escaped to Austria, and subsequently settled in Nikolsburg, where his father, Aaron Samuel, was appointed rabbi. Koidonover received his religious education from his father and from R. Joseph b. Judah, rabbi of Minsk and Dubnow, author of the moralistic treatise, Yesod Yosef.

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