Louis Ledoux: Papua New Guinea Collection
Nov 16, 2021
2 Frassetto Way Lincoln Park, NJ 07035, United States

Adventurer, Academic, Industrialist: Louis Pierre Ledoux 1936 New Guinea Expedition

In early 1936, on recommendation by American anthropologist Margaret Mead, Louis Pierre Ledoux, recent Harvard University graduate, headed to the lower eastern Sepik River of Papua New Guinea to study the Murik people.

The results of his self-funded expedition is an extraordinary collection of hundreds of artifacts, photographs, manuscripts, diaries, and letters left untouched for 85 years.

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Shipping Route Map Java, Singapore, China, Pacific

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Shipping Route Map Java, Singapore, China, Pacific

Maritime route map covering Java, Singapore, China, and Pacific Islands; and travel brochure for Java Singapore.

Route Map of the Burns, Philp & Co., Ltd. showing maritime routes covering Hong Kong, Manila. Rabaul, Townsville, Brisbane, and Sydney, as well as Singapore, Batavia [Jakarta], Darwin, Solomon Islands, and inter-island services serving Pacific Islands. The Burns Philp travel brochure describes Java including Sourabaya [Surabaya], Batavia [Jakarta], the Buddhist temple complex of Borobudur and the Hindu complex of Prambanan, and Singapore, Bali, and Malaya [Malaysia]. There are descriptions of the passenger ships TSS Marella and MV Merkur, travel tips, and fare schedule and distances.

Map is 24" x 12.5" has staining, tears and holes.

Burns, Philp & Co. was a major Australian shipping line founded in April 1883 by two Scotsmen who were engaged in the black birding (slavery) trade at the time but ended this in 1886. In the 1900s, the company operated as merchants and shipping agents, mail carrier, and tourist passenger services in Melanesia. By midcentury, the company had expanded into to the food, beverage and related industries, and continued expanding to include 200 companies in 100 industries. The company delisted from the Australian Stock Exchange in 2006.

Date: 1936 or earlier
Material: Paperwork

Provenance: Louis Pierre Ledoux Collection