Auction 103 Fall Historical Militaria & Autographs
Oct 3, 2021
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Join us for our fall historical militaria and autograph auction featuring over 600 lots of historical militaria collectibles, documents, vintage autographs. This auction also includes 1936 Olympic Games and Zeppelin memorabilia.
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LOT 5:


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An important document signed by ADOLF HITLER, HEINRICH HIMMLER, and Dr. HANS FRANK. Promotion of Dr. JOSEF BUEHLER to Ministerialdirektor, signed at Fuhrer's Headquarters, 26. February 1944. Signed by Hitler in black ink. Countersigned by HEINRICH HIMMLER as Reichsminister of the Interior and countersigned by Dr. HANS FRANK Governor-General of Occupied Poland, and Buehler's superior.
Dr. Jur. Josef Buehler (1904 - 1945) SS-Brigadefuhrer, Ministerialdirektor, state secretary and deputy to Governor-General of the General Government of Occupied Poland Dr. Hans Frank from 1940 - 1945. On January 20, 1942, Buehler attended the Wannsee Conference as Dr. Hans Frank's representative. During this conference - which discussed the imposition of the 'final solution of the Jewish Question' Buehler persistently persuaded Heydrich to commence the 'Final Solution' in the territories of occupied Poland, so that 'Jews would be promptly removed from the General Government.' He declared all possible assistance of the General Government administration to the Security Police and stressed the fact that 'some preparation' had already been in place in the area which he administered. Since 1939 Buehler was involved in art theft in Poland. In 1942, Buehler took part in the Zamosc ethnic cleansing campaign aimed at deporting Poles for German settlements and for forced labor in Germany. After the war, Dr. Buhler was tried by the Poles for 'crimes against humanity, ' condemned to death, and was executed in 1948.
The document is accompanied by a letter from STEPHEN W. BUMBALL, former Special Agent, U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps during World War II who also served at the Nuremberg Trials, and esteemed collector of WWII autographs and documents. The letter dated 17. Oct. 1989 reads: 'This is to certify that I have examined the Hitler-Himler-Frank signed document award to Dr. Buehler and the Hitler signature is authentic and personally signed by him.' The document is the usual double-page, visible upon closer inspection, and is housed in a simple frame together with the original presentation folder embossed with the gilt Reichsadler on the cover. The documents bear some stains, not affecting any of the signatures.