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Aug 2, 2021
Abraham Ferrera 1 , Jerusalem, Israel

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LOT 43:

COLLABORATION - An antisemitic poster accusing the Jews on the failure of the France-Germany alliance. France ...

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COLLABORATION - An antisemitic poster accusing the Jews on the failure of the France-Germany alliance. France, early 1940s

COLLABORATION - 'Cooperation' -  An antisemitic poster divided into three scenes, blaming the Jews on the failure of the alliance between France and Germany which was made between Hitler and Phillippe Pétain in 1940.

On the left is a harmonious scene of peace between Germany and France, a soldier returning from the battlefield, and peasants working their land safely and the romantic description: "days after Monotoire (the place where Hitler and Pétain met) Germany and France" and an illustration representing the so-called success of the agreement between Germany and France. In the center, in the background, is a portrait of Pétain and many Jews who, when the agreement is allegedly against their interest, demonstrate with contempt and the caption: "This is what they did." To the right is a large question mark against a background of sky full of smoke and the caption: "What will be in the future"? Blaming the failure of the agreement on Jewish resistance.

French leader Philippe Pétain met Hitler in the secluded town of Monotoire on October 24, 1940 (from that meeting came the famous photograph in which Pétain was seen shaking the Furer's hand alongside Paul Schmidt and Hitler's translator Joachim von Ribbentrop). At that meeting, a COLLABORATION was agreed. The meeting between the leaders of Germany and France had been proposed two days earlier by Laval, an open supporter of state cooperation with Nazi Germany. At that meeting, Hitler promised the French leader that he would concede concessions in favor of France on the part of Germany in exchange for a permanent cooperation agreement. The famous handshake between Hitler and Patin was filmed, and Nazi propaganda made extensive use of the photograph to gain support from French citizens. A week later, Pétain shaped Vichy's policy to suit the demands of the Führer, declaring on French radio: "I'm entering a path of cooperation today ("J'entre aujourd'hui dans la voie de la collaboration"), and called on the French people to support the move, with far-reaching concessions in favor of Nazi Germany. After the war the French government led by de Gaulle put Pétain on trial for this act, and he was sentenced to death, which was replaced to prison due to his older age (81), where he was imprisoned in his later years.

Size: 22x28 cm. Very good condition.

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