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Aug 2, 2021
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The Antisemitic Publication "Autour du Cabinet les gens du "Bloc" 1903" - Copy with Dedication by the publisher ...

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The Antisemitic Publication "Autour du Cabinet les gens du "Bloc" 1903" - Copy with Dedication by the publisher Edouard Drimon

Autour du Cabinet les gens du "Bloc" 1903 - Around the Cabinet of the "Bloc" Residents, by Dessin Bruno and Francois Coppee - Librairie Antisemite Publishing, Paris 1903.  On the first page a dedication in the handwriting and signature of the editor (who wrote the introduction to the book) the antisemitic agitator Edouard Drumont: "Pour Leatitia de moi" - "To Latitia from me E. Drumont". 

After Dreyfus 'final acquittal in an affair that shook the whole of Europe, Dreyfus' supporters and the Jews of France became much stronger morally, especially after the public honors ceremony in which his ranks were restored and published in the press of the time. Dreyfus 'opponents, on the other hand, did not accept his acquittal, and with their defeat, and in response, in those years issued various publications claiming that his acquittal was in fact part of the Jews' conspiracy to take over France. Such publications aimed to increase anti-Semitism among French society. (The booklet has been published by "Librairie Antisemite" of Drumont). The antisemitic cartoon booklet before us is meant to serve this line. The booklet contains large cartoons illustrated over whole pages by Bruno depicting the turning a Blind Eye of French rule on the one hand, and the secret Jewish takeover of the centers of power in France on the other hand. The booklet opens with a venomous introduction by the antisemitic agitator Edouard Drumont (on the back of the booklet an advertisement for Drumont's newspaper "La Libre Parole"), in which he writes that it is important that the booklet be distributed among the French population through which it will understand how much it is controlled by Jews. Dreyfus himself is portrayed in it as a manipulative genius who knows how to exploit the weaknesses of the system for his personal interests. The writer Francois Coppee also played a major role in opposing Dreyfus and in spreading anti-Semitism in France in those years.

Edouard Drumont [Edouard Adolphe Drumont 1844-1917] founded the Anti-Semitic League of France, published the anti-Semitic newspaper 'La libre Parole' wrote pamphlets and published many books against the Jews. At the time of the Dreyfus affair, he was one of the greatest Hate spreaders who took a sharp and hostile stand against Dreyfus and the Jews in general, and called for the departure of Jewish officers from the French army.

[24] p. 37x28 cm. Reinforced cover with adhesive tape. Good condition.

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