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Sefer Binyan Yehoshua, Dyhurnfurt 1788. The Personal copy of R. Shmuel Strashun of Vilna.

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Sefer Binyan Yehoshua, Dyhurnfurt 1788. The Personal copy of R. Shmuel Strashun of Vilna.

A complete copy of Sefer Binyan Yehoshua, a commentary on Avos D’Rabbi Nosson, Masechta Smachos, Derech Eretz Rabbah and Zuta, printed at Dyhurnfurt in 1788. 

Autograph of R. Shmuel Shtrashun of Vilna, otherwise known as the Rashash, seen on title page. Also seen on pp. 2 the name “Shmuel Strashuner” written in block letters.

R. Shmuel Strashun (1794-1872) also known as the Rashash was a prolific Torah scholar from Vilna. After his marriage he moved to a nearby village called Strezyn, or Strashun and and assumed the name R. Shmuel Strashuner. As a highly gifted and intellectual genius, he preferred not to become an official Rabbi, but rather to maintain his independence and author scholarly works. The Rashash also managed the family distillery business and quickly became one of the most successful distilleries of Vilna and surrounding areas. He was fortunate to amass a small fortune and was independently wealthy. He founded a Gemach, a free loan society, to assist the poor. It is well known that the area where he conducted Torah study was extremely narrow, thereby making it impossible for another individual to sit in that space. He feared that when coming for charity and loans, people would sit down, prolong him and ultimately distract him from Torah study.

Although he authored many works, the Rashash is most famous for his short, concise and accurate annotations on Talmud Babli, which were ultimately published in the Vilna Shas. Even during his lifetime he was revered and held in the highest regard by all Torah scholars of Lithuania. 

To this day his works are studied and appreciated by all Yeshiva students throughout the world. R. Yitzchak Ze’v Soloveitchik, the Brisker Rav, famously declared that there’s not a single Sugyah throughout Shas where the Rashash doesn’t ask the fundamental Kushya of the Sugyah. It is also well known that R. Isser Zalman Meltzer once quipped: "Personally I would prefer to learn from the Zhitomir Shas as it is nicer. But what can I do, in the Zhitomir Shas there is no Rashash, so I must learn from the Vilna Shas!”

For more reading, see: M’Pinkaso Shel Shmuel, R. David Abraham, Machon Yerushalyim Press, Jerusalem 2011.

In overall good condition. Moderate worming to many leaves, sometimes affecting text.

[2], 29; 9; 9 pp.

Vinograd, Dyhurnfurt 266.