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LOT 36:

An Exclusive Pedigree Copy: Sefer Kreisi U’Pleisi, Altona 1763. First Edition. Personal Copy of Various Hungarian ...

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An Exclusive Pedigree Copy: Sefer Kreisi U’Pleisi, Altona 1763. First Edition. Personal Copy of Various Hungarian Torah Leaders.

Sefer Kreisi U’Pleisi was printed at Altona in 1763 by the author Rabbi Yehonasan Eibeschutz, who was then the Av Beit Din of “The Three Congregations” - Altona, Hamburg and Wandsbuch. Sefer Kreisi U’Pleisi has since become a classic commentary for those studying Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De'ah.

Presented here is a very rare pedigree copy which belonged various Torah leaders, and may even have been the personal copy of the Author himself, as detailed below. 

Inscribed on the flyleaf we find a long and interesting dedication in old handwriting from the period of the book’s printing which reads:

“This book belongs to the wonderful and extraordinary Rabbi, Charif U’Baki B’Chol Chadrei HaShas, Sinai V’Oker Harim… Yehonasan Eibeschutz, may his light shine forever and reside in peace”. (Interestingly, this last phrase mentioning peace might be referencing to the fierce battle he had waged with R. Yaakov Emden). 

According to R. Yitzchak Yeshayah Weiss of Israel, a known expert in this field, this copy apparently belonged to the author R. Yehonasan Eibeschutz himself!

In addition to this wondrous inscription, this  was the personal copy of various Torah leaders of Hungary. Their signatures can be seen on title page. Handwritten glosses are also visible. 

R. Menachem Zvi Rosenberg, author of Avnei Menachem and Rabbi of Füzesgyarmat - Yarmut.

His personal autograph is seen twice on the title page, as well as an additional two times on the flyleaf. Also seen is a handwritten gloss on the flyleaf. An additional autograph of his is seen on pp. 45. 

R. Menachem Zvi Rosenberg (1804-1831), Av Beit Din of Yarmut and a foremost disciple of the Chasam Sofer. He was held in high regard by the Chasam Sofer, and is mentioned in his responsa, “most of the evidence is based on the testimony of R. Menachem Zvi”. (See, Chasam Sofer Responsa, Even HaEzer, Volume II, 144). 

He also enjoyed a close relationship with R. Meir Eisenstadt (MaHaram Asch) of Ungvar, who held him in the highest esteem. As recorded in the burial society ledger of Füzesgyarmat, it was customary on Lag B'Omer for the two Torah scholars go out of town to drink water from a natural spring. Once, they forgot to take a glass and had no way to drink from the spring. Immediately, MaHaram Asch removed the Yarmulke of R. Menachem Zvi off his head and drank from it, and openly instructed his students to drink from it as well, declaring: "To drink from this Yarmulke is worthwhile since it's a Segulah for Yira'as Shamayim!" 

R. Menachem Zvi passed away at the age of 27 during the Cholera Epidemic of 1831. When MaHaram Asch heard about his death, he was absolutley devastated. He removed his hat, tore it up and screamed: "The Crown of Glory has been removed!"

For further literature, see: Avnei Menachem, pp. 103, Yosef Yosefa Rosenberg, Bnei Brak, 1986.

R. Nesanel HaCohen Fried (1818-1904), Rabbi of Balmazújváros and Author of Sefer "Pnei Meivin". 

A foremost disciple of R. Yehuda Leib HaCohen Schwartz, author of "Kol Aryeh", and R. Chaim Zvi Mannheimer, author of "Ein Habdolach". His signature is seen on the title page and in several other places on the flyleaf. Also seen there is his signature in native language: NATHAN FRIED.

A marginal gloss in his handwriting is seen on pp. 49, an evident sign that this Sefer was well used by him personally. 

R. Yehuda Eisenstadt  of Ungvar - Rabbi of Sabrantz and son of MaHaram Asch. His signature is visible on the title page. An additional inscription attesting to his ownership of this Sefer is seen on flyleaf. 

Also seen are numerous inscriptions testifying to the ownership of the philanthropist R. Yosef Fried, father-in-law of R. Shimon Sofer, Rabbi of Erlau. 

In overall good condition. Light stains are seen on several leaves. Tears to 3 final leaves with no lack of text.  Bound in original leather binding, portion of spine lacking. 

165 pp.

 Vinograd, Altona 76.

 Stefansky Hebrew Classics, 177.

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