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LOT 20:

Collection of Seforim printed in the years 1792-1810.

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Collection of Seforim printed in the years 1792-1810.

1.1.Mishan Hamayim and Nachalas Avos Mussar, Fuerth

Mishan Hamayim, legends and sermons on the Torah.

1.2 Nahalat Avot, Divrei Musar

by Meshulam Zalman HaCohen.

Each Sefer has a separate title.

The author is Rabbi Meshulam Zalman HaCohen a disciple of Rabbi Yehonatan Ibshitz Av Beit Din of Krotoshin, Campana, Tziltz.

His disciple - Rabbi Avraham Binyamin Hamburg wrote an obituary about him in "Kol Bukim".
His son - Rabbi Shlomo Katz Av Beit Din.

Fuerth, 1811, single edition.

Original binding, A very good sound copy.

2. Maate Issachar Only edition Furth 1792

by Frenkel, Issachar Berman Segal.

Furth 1792. 

3. Yesod Veshoresh HoAvoda.

Kabbalistic Mussar work which guides a person in his daily life, his prayers, commandments between man and G-d and between man and his fellow; by Rabbi Alexander Ziskind of Grodno.

The book Yesod V'Shoresh HaAvodah made a huge impression when it was published and still enjoys great popularity to this day; it is considered a foundational book in Divine service. This book is accepted in all circles and the Chassidim refer to its author as "the Chassid from Grodno." It even merited an approbation from Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev. The book was since printed in many editions.

Horadna Vilna 1817.

Original binding, cover detached, tittle poorly taped affecting inner margin, with no loss to text.

4. Chut HaMeshulash B'Shearim. 

Drushim by Rabbi Asher Lemel Halevi of Glona. Includes: Sha'ar Asher, Sha'ar HaMayim, Sha'ar HaKatan.
Approbation from the Chatam Sofer.

Old signatures.
First edition. Vienna, 1820.

Original binding, tattered corners not affecting text. A good sound copy.

5. Tal Orot - First Edition, Frankfurt On The Oder, [1811].

Discussion on the essence of the soul and its eternity.By Rabbi Aharon Yehuda Leib Margolit, Av Beit Din of Plotsk.

Including the last page of names in support of the sefer.

Frankfurt on the Oder, [1811].

The author printed a interesting concept on the title page: that only those who pay a good price for it will get to learn the year of publishing.

6.Ohr Esther, An in-depth explanation of words found in the Talmud.
The authors are the brothers R. Shimon and R. Mordechai Bandy and printed by the company "Chanoch Na'arim" in Dessau
Explanations of Latin words in Shas.

Dessau, 1812.
Original binding, title printed on green paper, damp stained. A very good sound copy.

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