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Aug 10, 2021
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LOT 25:

Collection of antique Seforim with Rabbinic signatures & stamps of Hungarian Rabbis.

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Collection of antique Seforim with Rabbinic signatures & stamps of Hungarian Rabbis.

1.Yaarot Devash, by Rabbi Yehonatan Eibschitz

In depth Musser and Drush. Lublin, 1875.

With writing & signature of Rabbi Tzvi Yaakov Abraham when he studied in the Chust Yeshiva in 1912.

Original binding loos, spine partially loose. A good sound copy.

2. Yalkut Hagershuni, the copy of Rabbi Yosef Osher Pollak Rabbi in Verpelet.

By Rabbi Gershon Stern, who was among the leading disciples of the Mahara"m Schick and the Chata"n Sofer; one of the leading rabbis of Transylvania.

Anthology including various compilations found in the Talmudic.

Torah commentaries and Talmudic elucidations ... with the addition of 'Tosafot Mishlei V'Mishlei Rabbatti, novellae in several locations in Talmudic and arranged alphabetically.

Three parts.

First edition. Paks, [1894-1896].

Rabbi Yosef Asher Halevy Pollack (1898-1944) was the son of Rabbi Avraham, the Av Beis Din of Uhely and was a student of the Daat Sofer and the son-in-law of Rabbi Yehuda Altman of Mezőcsát. Rabbi Yosef wrote She’eris Yosef Asher. He perished in the Holocaust Hy''d.

Original cloth binding, A good sound copy.

3. Arugat Habosem, Chelek Orach Chayim. First Edition. Szolyva 1912.

Original cover, spine loose, last few pages disconnected. A good sound copy.

4 Lechem Rav, by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Ben Gershon Litch-Rozenbaum

Kabbalistic commentary on the daily prayers

Single edition, Kleinvardein, 1921.

Previous owner stamp on title page.


Original detached cover. A good sound copy.

5. Rosh Yosef, Chidushim on Misechte Chulin by Yosef Ben Meir Tiumim, author of the Pri Megadim

With the stamps of Rabbi Asher Anshul Halevi Ungreiz Av Beit Din of Tchenger.

Johannesburg 1860.

Later cloth covers,   A good sound copy.

6.Tehila L'Dovid, by Rabbi Yehudah Dovid Rottenberg

Sermons on the weekly Torah portion. Two parts in one volume

First edition, Munkacz, 1872.

Original cover detached. A good sound copy.

7. Beer Mordechai on Shulchan Aruch Yore Dea by Rabbi Mordechai Farhand of Nitra

First Edition, Galanta 1926

Beautiful dedication from Rabbi Azriel Yoel Katz Ehrentriya to Rabbi Naftali Chaim Katz Ehrentriya in 1934.

8. Orchot Tzadikim, Przemyśl, 1902.

Hand written marginal corrections.

Original cover. A very good sound copy.

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