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LOT 19:

Collection of Seforim printed in the years 1767 - 1837, with antique signatures.

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Collection of Seforim printed in the years 1767 - 1837, with antique signatures.

1. She'erit Yosef

by Rabbi Yoseph ben Mordechai Gershon Katz.

Questions and answers on the code of Jewish Law.

Though the title says printed in Amsterdam it was really printed in Furth in 1767

Signatures and inscription of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Margoliot, Av Beit Din of Bidon.

Original binding, cover detached. A good sound copy.

2.Sefer Maharm Berebi, Dyrenfurth 1786. By Rabbi Meir Barabi

Torah insights and Chidushim of Talmud Bavli.

Dyhernfurth, 1786.

Antique owners signatures on Title Pg.

3. Maharam Shiff, Lviv, 1837.

Stamps of 'Chevrah Machzikei Hadas Bnei Moshe' that was founded by the Admor Rebbe Mosh'leh Lipshitz in Philadelphia in 1915.

Title reinforced at bottom of page, not affecting text. Minor worming pages 60-65 affecting text.

4. Maor Einayim, by Rabbi Azaria [Di-Rossi] of the Adumim.

Five parts in one volume, each part a separate title page.

Rabbi Azaria [Di-Rossi] of the Adumim (Ra'av-Shalach, Otzar HaRabbanim 16731) was an Italian sage, well versed in Torah and science. His book "Maor Einim" was confiscated immediately after its appearance by Italian rabbis, who found parts that go against the spirit of tradition and disregard the words of Chazal.

The book was brought before Rabbi Yosef Caro - Maran Beit Yosef, who ordered a boycott of the book, but the boycott did not materialize. The Maharal of Prague spoke about the book in very harsh words, and it is known that his essay "Beer Hagola" was written in response to this book. Of Maran Beit Yosef did not finally come to fruition, it is a sign from heaven that the book deserves to come in the audience].

Wein, 1829.

Later cloth binding. A very good sound copy.

5. Mishnas D'Reb Eliezer. Signature of Rabbi Yeshaya Karlinsky. Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat.

List of important approbations including Ha'Gaon Rabbi Akiva Eiger.

Marginal commentary inscriptions

Good paper. Nice margins. Altona 1815.

Rabbi Yeshaya Karlinsky, who was born in Zembrovo, Lomza district, in 1877.

He married Channa, eldest daughter of Rebecca and Gershon Tanchum Bilitzky Rabbi in Yashivka & Minsk., who was a son-in-law of Reb Chaim Avraham Shapiro, who was a son of Reb Leibele Kovner and a brother of Reb Refoel Shapiro from Volozhin.

R' Isaiah was A.B.D. Lubionitz and then Puchowitschi from 1907-1921.

He came to the USA in 1924 where he was a Rabbi in Manhattan and died in 1944.

Rav Karlinsky was among the over 400 Rabbanim and Admorim who on the day before Erev Yom Kippur, 1943 marched on Washington demanding that the Roosevelt administration help save the Jews of Europe.


The Unbroken Chain - Neil Rosenstein (1990) Volume 1, chapter 11, page 134, G 16.1

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