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Aug 10, 2021
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LOT 24:

Collection of varied antique Seforim.

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Sold for: $150
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$ 120
Buyer's Premium: 22%
sales tax: 8.375% On the full lot's price and commission

Collection of varied antique Seforim.

1.1 Midrash Esther Rabotei

1.2 Midrash Ruth Rabotei

1.3 Midrash Eichah Rabotei

Vilna and Horadna 1829.

Separate Title Pg. for Midrash Ruth and Midrash Esther Lacking Title Pg. for Eichah.

Water stained.Unbound,  

Previous owner stamp - Beis Medrash - Yechiel Dov Volkovsky - Bialystok

 2. Halichot Olam. By Rabbi Avraham son of Rabbi Shlomo Zalmen a descendent of Rabbi Avraham Brody of Prag. Ungvar, 1866. Single edition

Later cloth binding, minor worming, water stained throughout.

3. Sefer Naclat Tzvi, Tchernowitz 1863.

The copy of one the Nadvorne Rebbes with his hand stamps.

4. Chaim Shel Sholom. By Chaim Ben Shalom Tavish

Discussions on code of Jewish law. Lvov, 1894.

The copy of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Kahana Av Beit Din of Humna.

5. Ma'aseh Avot, By Rabbi Aharon Elazar son of Rabbi Binyamin Pashkis.

A commentary on Tractate Avot,

Pressburg, 1856.

6.1  HaChalom Brov Eineinov

By Rabbi Yehuda Zvi Hirsch ben Moshe Yitzchak Gelbard.

Munkatch, 1908.

A rare publication on dreams.

Bound with:

6.2 Shu''t Kerem Shlomo.

 By Rabbi Shlomo Hess Av Beit Din of Dreznitz

Halachic innovations on the order of the Code of Jewish Law. 

Munkatch, 1906.

Original cloth binding. Some inner margin worming in second Sefer affecting few words.

 7. Darkei haLimud VeHaNeginot – Vilnius and Grodno, 1827 – First Edition .

Unbound, slight water damage left bottom corner not affecting text.

8.Sefer Shgat Aryeh, br Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Heller, Only Ed, Wein 1868.

Original binding, first page detached. A good sound copy.

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