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Aug 10, 2021
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LOT 32:

Collection of Biographies, Tombstones, Travel & Blood Libel books.

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Collection of Biographies, Tombstones, Travel & Blood Libel books.

1. Kenat Sofrim .

By Rabbi Elazar Schechter.

The history of the great authors and their books, the place of their homeland and the government of their rabbinate, the disciples of who they are and their wives and disciples, also the years of them. 

Single edition. Lemberg, 1892.

With authors handstamp. Handwritten notations.

Original binding, detached. A good sound copy.

2. Avnei Zichron- Tombstones in the ancient Toledo cemetery .

.and commentary on Micah

Memorial Stones -

Includes essays printed by the Reb Shmuel David Luzzatto "Shadal"

A. Book of "Memorial Stones" - Prague 1841 (1841).

An important book - the inscriptions of the tombstones of the ancient cemetery in Tolitola (the ancient name for Toledo)- mainly tombstones of the great rabbis.

B. "Interpretation of Micah" (to the book of Micah) from the pleasant student Yaakov Chai Pardo who was chosen at the young age of twenty-one years. Yaakov was a student of Shadal. On the title page of the essay is a song by Shadal for his student.

An important book. Prague, 1841.

Original binding. A good sound copy.

3.  Maaseh Yisroel, by Binyomin, Yisroel ben Yoseph. Lyk 1859

Marginal notes

Previous owners, Hung. Cong. Bachurim.

Original cover, detached. Pages loos to spine. A good sound copy.

4. Efes Daimin, Vilno 1837. With Polish.

Original binding, cover detached.  Missing first title page, and  possibly others.

Other than that a good copy.

5. Shem HaGedolim - Vaad LaChachamim.

By Rabbi Chaim Yosef Dovid Azulai.

Biographies of Torah leaders and their books, supplements to the book Shem HaGedolim, with Tov Ayin, reasons, and laws, novella and response,

With notes By Ben Yakov.

Lemberg, 1856. 

Original binding, damp stained, wormholes on first few pages left bottom.

A good sound copy.