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Aug 10, 2021
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LOT 33:

(Psalms) Collection of Psalms and Seforim on Nach.

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(Psalms) Collection of Psalms and Seforim on Nach.

1. Psalms with commentary Chelka Tova & Masseh Tovya. Paks.

By Rabby Tovye Hacohen Rabbi in  Gussing & Toponar.

Later binding, overall good condition.

Original binding.

A good sound copy.

2. Kerem L'Shlomo, Vilna 1857.

By Rabbi Mordechai ben Shlomo Plongian

Commentary on the book of Kohelet - Ecclesiastes

Single edition,

Vilna, 1857.

Original binding,  

A good sound copy.

3. Sefer Moreh Chaim,

Vilno 1873.

Commentary on Sefer Iyov.

Original binding, missing spine.

A good sound copy.

4. Tehilim Tefilah Lemoshe.

Krakow 1880.

First Edition.

Stefansky Chassidut num 601.

Original binding, first 20 pages 

5. Tehilim (Psalms) with commentary "Yosef Tehilot" from the holy Chida,

Third edition,

Meir Leib Hirsch press,

Satmar, 1926.

New half-leather binding, a good sound copy.

6.Tehillim (Psalms) with Ollelot Yehuda - Chassidic First Edition Tehillim, with Rashi, Metzudot and Ollelot Yehuda commentary,

by Rabbi Yehuda Greenwald, Rabbi of Satmar, author of Zichron Yehuda.

First edition.

Satmar, 1927. 

Original binding.

A good sound copy.

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