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Aug 10, 2021
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LOT 21:

Collection of antique Seforim with Rabbinic signatures & dedications.

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$ 100
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Collection of antique Seforim with Rabbinic signatures & dedications.

1.Shulchan Aruch Halacha Berurah

Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim, with the Halacha Berurah commentary, by R. Pinchas Auerbach, son-in-law of R. Yosef Shmuel Rabbi of Frankfurt am Main.

Only edition.Wilhelmsdorf, 1717 

Previous owner signatures including  Eliezer Lipa Gartenhouse from Pruchnik.

Original cover, water stains last three pages trimmed at bottom affecting text.

2. Sefer Zerah Baruch, Wandsbek 1730. Old writings.

3. Sefer Todas Shelamim, First Ed. Venice 1741

Todas Shelamim containing two compositions: Section A - Zivchei Todah, Chidushei HaRan on Tractate Niddah, Hasagos Rabbeinu Zerachya on Ba'alei haNefesh by the Ravad and more. Section B - Lachmei Todah, halachic responsum by the Mahari Bassan (of the sages of Italy and the leading Rav of the Ramchal). Printed at the printery of the physician Yitzchak Poah.

Antique signatures & writings from the city of Kuzmir, Poland.

4. Makor Chaim Umagein Eleph - Hilchos Pesach by Rabbi Yaakov Ben Yaakov Moshe of Lissa.

Warsaw, 1892

Stamp of Rabbi Yoneh Mordcai Zalotnik Rabbi in Zakratschin.

5.Yad Meir, by Rabbi Dovid Mayer Frish.

Discussions on the four parts of the code of Jewish law along with questions and answers.

Lemberg, 1881. A uncommon Sefer.

Previous owner's stamp and signatures on title page.

6. Ohel Avraham - Bound with - Imrei Dovid.

6.1) Ohel Avraham - by Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Ben Eliezer HaKohen Katz.
    Munkatch, 1899.

Previous owner stamp Rabbi Yoseph Yona Tzvi HaLevi Hurwitz Av BD Unsdorf & Frankfurt.

6.2 ) Imrei Dovid - by Rabbi Dovid Shlisel.  Weitzen, 1908.

Original binding.A good sound copy.

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