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Aug 10, 2021
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LOT 22:

Collection of Seforim printed in the years 1727-1811.

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Collection of Seforim printed in the years 1727-1811.

1. Shtei HaLechem Responsa

by Rabbi Moshe Chagiz [1672-1750], known as HaMenia"ch, he was a Jerusalem sage in the 18th century and one of the leading fighters against Sabbateanism.

First edition

Wandsbeck, 1733.

Original detached covers. A good sound copy.

 2. Minche Ketanah, by R. Chaim Ben Issachar Ber.

Pirush on the three Haftorahs recited during the three weeks.

The three weeks from the 17th of Tammuz until the 9th of Av mark a period of mourning for the Jewish nation called "Bein Hametzarim" (Between the Straits). As we lament the destruction of the Temple and of Jerusalem during this three-week period, they are marked by various mourning customs. One such custom is to include haftorahs (sections of the Prophets) for each week's parashah that are drawn from the books of Jeremiah and Isaiah. These special readings tell of G‑d’s disappointment with Israel’s faithlessness, and the impending doom that would befall them if they would not engage in national teshuvah (repentance).

Amsterdam 1789.

Original cover detached. A good sound copy.

3.Mikraos Gedolos

Three sections

1- Daniel, Ezrah, Nechemya

2- Divrei Hayomim 1 & 2

3- Trei Asar

Lemberg, 1811.

Later binding. A good sound copy.

Previous owner stamp Avrahom Alexander Brill, Grosswardein. 

4. Razohe Galyan,

 by Rabbi Dovid ben Yitzchok

History discussion according to Kabbalistic sources.

A rare Kabbalistic work.

Grodno, 1790.

Original covers, title reattached with tape, trimmed at bottom, first page right corner torn affecting text, seemingly missing a page or pages in middle, Otherwise an ok copy.

5. Tur – Chosen Mishpat,

Wilhelmsdorf, 1727.

Later covers, title reinforced at top on back of page, water stains. A good sound copy.

6. Shu"t Chacham Tzvi

Part 1 authored by Rabbi Zvi Ashkenazi, father of the Ya’avetz.

The Rav was one of the greatest Achronim and poskim, “GadolHaMorim” (according to the Hida). Born in 1648, he grew up in the shadow of the sages of Constantinople, was a fervent fighter against the cult of Shabtai Zvi, served as a rabbi in Amsterdam, and Lviv where he died. In the introduction, he writes a little of his history and praises the people of Amsterdam, especially its printing houses “the likes of which are not to be found anywhere in Israel.”

Printed by: Haim Ben Zvi Hirsch of Furth, with a special decoration. [1], 62 pages.

Furth, [1767]

Later cover. An excellent sound copy.

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