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Aug 10, 2021
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LOT 36:

Lot of 4 Kabbalah Seforim & one other.

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Lot of 4 Kabbalah Seforim & one other.

1.Chesed Le'Avrom, Matters of Kabbalah

by Rabbi Avraham Azulai of Hebron, with “esoteric explanation on saying of our Sages” by Rabbi Chaim Vital.

With Kabbalistic illustrations.

Sudilkov 1812.

Later binding, detached,  

A good sound copy.

2. Matzat Shemurim.

by Rabbi Natan Shapiro.

On the secrets of (the mitzvoth of) mezuzah, tzitzit, tefillin…also Birkot HaShachar", Kabalistic explanations and kavanot according to the Ari, by the Mekubal Rabbi Natan Shapira Ha'Yerushalmi.
Rabbi Natan ben Rabbi Reuven Shapira (Maharnash, passed in 1666 or 1667), one of the leading mekubalim and editor of the Ari writings. He ascended from Cracow to Jerusalem and was appointed rabbi of the Ashkenazi community. Later, sent as an emissary from Eretz Israel, he traveled to Italy and died in the city of Reggio. He wrote Tuv Ha'Aretz, Yayin HaMeshumar, Torat Natan and other works which were not printed.

A sketch of the order and manner of placement of the parshiot of Tefillin shel Rosh and Tefillin shel Yad is printed on Leaf 39/b. This book is the source of the Kabbalistic custom of saying the verse, "And I have betrothed you to me forever" while wrapping the tefillin strap on one's finger.
Zolkiew 1865.
A clean crisp copy.

3. Sefer Hachinuch.
Frankfurt on The Oder, 1783.

Bound with

4. Sefer Hagilgulim.

Zolkiew 1772.

Original binding., detached.

A good sound copy.

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