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Kehilat Yaakov Association, regulations for its establishment.

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Kehilat Yaakov Association, regulations for its establishment.

Being the first ultra-Orthodox association of its kind to support and promote the agricultural settlement and manual labor

in "Wadi Dilab" (located near Ramallah) -

in the agreement of Jerusalem Rabbis Haridav and Rabbi Yitzchak Yeruchim Diskin -

This pamphlet was printed during a unique historical period, the Constitution (of the Young Turks Revolution and the change in the system of government in the Ottoman Empire), which at that time legally allowed Jews to immigrate to Israel and settle there.

The Jewish community in Israel celebrated this event. Jews from all over the world were transformed with a deep love of Israel. Many people at the time immigrated to Israel. Various settlement organizations were founded in Israel. At the time there was then a once-in-a-lifetime awakening for ultra-Orthodox settlements across the country, an awakening that largely did not repeat itself. It received enthusiastic encouragement from the community's leaders.

The booklet begins with three main objectives.   

A. "To create a system of profits for the lively hood of the young people of Bnei      Zion, who are capable of manual work ... 

B. Redemption will be for our holy land, which is being conquered by strangers.

C. To create an inviting environment for people out of Jerusalem that may be anywhere in the world to come and make a place for themselves in the Holy Land.    

The sections of the regulations include special sections...........

A rare unique pamphlet.

Jerusalem, 1909.

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