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Jul 20, 2021
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LOT 26:

Important Proclamation - Renewal of the Severe Excommunication 'Alot haBrit' Signed by the 'Saraf of Brisk', Rabbi ...

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Important Proclamation - Renewal of the Severe Excommunication 'Alot haBrit' Signed by the 'Saraf of Brisk', Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld in His Youth and More. Jerusalem, 1930s

Large proclamation - renewal of the severe excommunication 'Alot Habrit' against foreign studies, signed by the 'Saraf of Brisk' Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Leib Diskin and his Beit Din. 

The excommunication was placed in 1856 and was renewed several times over the years. In this proclamation, the excommunication was renewed for the fifth (!) time in 1878 by the Mahari"l Diskin, about six months after his immigration to the Land of Israel. The proclamation is signed by the Mahari"l and his Beit Din, including "Chaim Sonnenfeld" - the future leader of the Chereidi Jewry of Jerusalem. When he signed the proclamation, the Gri"ch was about 29 years old only!

Printed at the Yehuda V'Yerushalayim Press (apparently the printery was established in 1930, thus the approximate date). 

R' Yosef Sheinberger recalled that when one of the Gaba'im of the Hurva synagogue became severely ill, the Mahari"l Diskin was asked to pray for him - refusing to do so, since the above Gabai refused to announce the excommunication of 'Alot Habrit' at the Hurva. That important this excommunication was in the eyes of the Mahari"l! (cited in Amud HaEsh, Jerusalem 1954, p. 129). 

[1] paper leaf. Approx. 46.5X31 cm. 

Fine condition. Fold marks. Aging stains. Tiny tears to the margins. Strips of Sellotape are attached at the top of the proclamation and its bottom.  

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