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LOT 9:

Classic: Binyan Ariel. Amsterdam, 1778. First Edition.

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Classic: Binyan Ariel. Amsterdam, 1778. First Edition.
Binyan Ariel. Amsterdam, 1778. First Edition
Novellae on the Torah portions, the five Meggilot, holidays and pilgrimage festivals, Talmudic novellae and responsa, by Rabbi Shaul [Lowenstam], Av Beit Din of Amsterdam and grandson of the Chacham Tzvi. Two parts.
First edition of the book by Rabbi Shaul of Amsterdam - the renowned rabbi of Amsterdam and one of the leading rabbis of his generation. Part II bears a separate title page. The "building" is divided into "apartments" ["בתים"] and "rooms, " the Torah novellae are called "Torah rooms"; those on the festivals are called "Batei Moed" and those on Shas are called "Beit Talmud."
On leaf 30 in Part II, there is a responsum by the author's brother, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch, Av Beit Din of Berlin, on "whether one may rely on what is found in a reprinted book by one of the exceptional leaders of our generation, permitting shaving on Chol HaMoed for a poor laborer ..." He is clearly referring to the Noda BiYehuda's responsum - the author and his brother vehemently disagree as to the ruling, and out of respect for the Noda BiYehuda, he does not mention him by name.

Pages: Part I: [6] 36; 40 leaves. Part II: 42 leaves.
Size: 30 cm.
Condition: Fine condition, stains, detached binding.

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