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LOT 4:

Kikiyon D'Yonah. Hanau, 1712.

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Kikiyon D'Yonah. Hanau, 1712.
Kikiyon D'Yonah. Hanau, 1712
Novellae on Tractates: Shabbat, Eruvin, Beitzah, Megillah, Ketubot, Gittin, Kiddushin, Yevamot, Bava Kamma, Bava Metzia, Bava Batra, Shevuot and Chulin. A book from the era of the "pilpul" method that is still studied today in study halls and yeshivahs, by Rabbi Yonah Teomim.
Second edition of the famous book by one of the rabbinic leaders of his generation, printed in Hanau, with the approbation of Rabbi Shmuel Shatin of Frankfurt (Maharashsha"ch). The work was accepted as one of the foundational books of in-depth study of Talmudic topics from the period of the Later Authorities. On the final page, the printer wrote about the fire that broke out in Frankfurt am Main the night of 24 Tevet 1711. As is known, following this fire, Rabbi Naftali Katz was banished from the city. (Also refer to: Avraham Ya'ari, Mechkarei Sefer, Jerusalem, 1958, pp. 55-61.)
Rabbi Yonah Teomim-Frankel [1595-1669] was one of the greatest disseminators of Torah in the generation of the Sha"ch and the Tosafot Yom Tov (during the period of the Cossack massacres [גזרות ת"ח ות"ט]), and rabbi of the cities Nemirov, Luboml, Belz, Horodna and Pinsk. After the destruction of these communities, he served as rabbi of Metz. He is known for the work before us, Kikiyon D'Yonah.

Stamps of R' Akiva Tenenbaum of Radin.

Pages: [1] 121 leaves.
Size: 34 cm.
Condition: Over all in fine condition, repair to fist and last page, minor worming.

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