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May 11, 2021
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LOT 46:

Tana"ch. Paris, 1543-1546. Complete Set

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Sold for: $7,500
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$ 6,000
Estimated price:
$8,000 - $10,000
Auction house commission: 22%
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Tana"ch. Paris, 1543-1546. Complete Set

Torah, Prophets and Writings. Paris, Roberto Stephanos Press. 1543-1546. Complete Set.

Beautiful Tana"ch in small format, printed in attractive letters with vowelization. One of the most important editions of Tanach printed in the 16th century.

The Tanach was printed in "Paris, the great city, mother of all cities in France." Complete set of the special pocket-sized edition.

Stephanos's printer's device appears on all full and half-title pages - and elder standing at right (hinting to the tree of life) from which branches are coming out. He is raising his eyes, and between the tree's branches, there is a ribbon reading "Noli altum sapere" ["Do not desire to know what is above"]. Refer to: Ya'ari Diglei HaMadpisim HaIvri'im, picture 27 with an explanation on page 135.

Specifications, divided by volume:

Bereishit: 146 leaves

Shemot: 123 leaves.

VaYikra: 88 leaves.

BaMidbar: 122 leaves.

Devarim: 107 leaves.

Yehoshua, Shoftim: 77, 73 leaves.

Shmuel: 176 leaves.

Melachim: 184 leaves.

Yeshayah: 131  leaves.

Yirmiyahu: 168 leaves.

Yechezkel: 144 leaves.

Trei Asar: 117 leaves.

Tehillim: 159 leaves, with the index leaves for the psalms.

Mishlei, Shlomo and Iyov: 114 leaves.

Chamesh Megillot: 80 leaves.

Daniel Ezra (and Nechamiah): 120 leaves.

Divrei HaYamim: 183 leaves.

Complete set of the classic elegant set of Tana"ch, bound in 17 magnificent leather volumes placed in a designated slipcase.

Fine-very fine condition.

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