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LOT 28:

Yad David by the Gaon Rabbi David of Karlin. With Signatures from the Author. Pedigree Copy

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Yad David by the Gaon Rabbi David of Karlin. With Signatures from the Author. Pedigree Copy

Halachic rulings from the Ramba"m's Hilchot Ishut, with the Yad David elucidation by the renowned gaon and Lithuanian wonder-worker Rabbi David Friedman of Karlin. Part II. Warsaw, 1901. Copy that belonged to the gaon and tzaddik Rabbi Eliyahu Dushnitzer - one of the 36 tzaddikim of the generation (see below) - signed by him. There is also a lengthy dedication [approximately 25 words] handwritten by the author, considered one of the Gedolei HaDor.

The gaon rabbi David Friedman of Karlin - R' David Karliner [1828-1915] was one of the leading rabbinic authorities of Lithuanian Jewry at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. He served for over 50 years in the Karlin rabbinate and was considered the rabbinic leader of his generation. In a letter sent to him by Rabbi Chaim of Brisk and Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinsky in 1907, they indeed refer to him as "Gadol HaDor" and "Elder Leader of the Jewish People, Unique in our Generation." In addition to his Torah greatness, he was famous as a sacred and righteous person, and many approached him for his blessings, among them Jewish soldiers who came to receive his blessing before their enlistment in the WWI era.

The gaon and tzaddik Rabbi Eliyahu Dushnitzer [1877-1949] studied at the Radin yeshivah as a young man and became a close associate and primary disciple of the Chafetz Chaim. Already in his youth, Rabbi Eliyahu was known as a sacred person, and many stories were told about him. He was one of the young men who was summoned by the Chafetz Chaim to extract the infamous dybbuk. After his wedding, he was appointed mashgiach at the Radin and Slobodka yeshivahs, and then at the yeshivah in Lomza. Many rabbinic leaders were considered his disciples, including the gaon Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, who also edited his book, Nachalat Eliyahu. He wrote there that when the author passed away, the Chazon Ish stated that he had been one of the 36 tzaddikim of the generation.

[4], 528; [10]; 9 pp. Two title pages.

Fine condition: Aging stains and isolated worming perforations. Detached leaves. Simple binding.