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May 11, 2021
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LOT 41:

Sefer Shemot. Venice, 1657. With the Signature of Rabbi Michel Shaier, One of the Chatam Sofer's Teachers

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Sefer Shemot. Venice, 1657. With the Signature of Rabbi Michel Shaier, One of the Chatam Sofer's Teachers

Sefer Shemot includes names of men and women, towns, rivers and countries, and the way they are to be written in divorce documents, by Rabbi Simchah Vriedman (Friedman), son of Gershon HaKohen. Venice, 1657. First edition of this fundamental book.

Large, detailed work about this Torah subject, with an elaboration for each name and nickname, with halachic responsa on the topic. The author, as he observed about himself, was a (minor!) expert on the topic in Ashkenazic and Sephardic  languages. He toiled and collected names of men, women, cities and regions of many countries.

Kabbalist Moshe Zakut proofread the book, and added some material of his own.

In his preface, the author explains how he came to call this book Shemot. Sacred books state that it is appropriate to hint to the author's name in the titles of his works, and his full name is Simchah Vriedman Kohen, which has the numerical value of  תשמ"ח, and the name of the book, Shemot [תשמ"ו] with the addition of the two vowels, [צירה וחולם], brings the total numerical value to תשמ"ח.

There are many signatures on the title page, foremost among them that of the gaon Rabbi Shaier, the Chatam Sofer's teacher. "Hashem has given me this book, the youth Michel son of the gaon Rabbi Tevele Shaier."

There is a lengthy notation about the purchase of this book, signed "Divrei Shlomo Cohen." [This may be Rabbi Shlomo Cohen, son of Rabbi Meshulam HaKohen, author of Bigdei Kehunah. He served in the rabbinate of Schonach, Mergentheim, Zülz and others. He passed away in 1824.]

8, [2], 88, 88-95, 95-102, 102-115, 117-121, leaf. According to the National Library, the last [3] leaves are lacking - until 124, and another [8] leaves of errata. These [8] leaves were included in only some copies. According to the examination of several copies, page 121b ends with the abbreviation תושלב"ע [indicating conclusion] and then the lead word for page 122a However, in this copy, the 'lead word' does not appear, so that it can be assumed that even leaves [122-124] were included in only some copies.

Very fine condition. Aging stains. Slightly worn title page, with several worming holes and slight lack at the bottom of the page.

New leather binding.

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