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May 11, 2021
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LOT 26:

Mishneh LaMelech - First Edition. Including the Rare Leaves. Pedigree Copy

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Mishneh LaMelech - First Edition. Including the Rare Leaves. Pedigree Copy

Mishneh LaMelech - novellae on the Ramba"m by Rabbi Yehudah Rosanes, the most prominent commentator on the Ramba"m, known by the name of this book, as the author of Mishneh LaMelech. First edition of this fundamental book. Constantinople, 1731. Includes the index leaves that were printed after the book's completion, and included in only some of the copies. Pedigree copy.

At the beginning of some of the indices, there is an owner's inscription from the period pf printing: "To the complete sage, Rabbi Meir Yitzchaki, " apparently referring to the renowned gaon Rabbi Meir Yitzchaki, Av Beit Din of Constantinople and author of Ohr Yekarot on the Ramba"m, who lived in the period of the book's printing.

The book Mishneh LaMelech earned its place in Talmudic literature as one of the fundamental and in-depth scholarly works on the Ramba"m. The author was one of the leading sages of Constantinople of his generation, and Sephardic sages admired him to the point that they would regularly refer to him, given his great expertise and sanctity as "HaRav Tanna." The book was later edited by Rabbi Yehudah Rosanes' disciple, the gaon Rabbi Ya'akov Kuli, author of Yalkut Me'am Loez, who was a dayan in his beit din. Rabbi Kuli added comments and supplements of his own. This is the first edition of Mishneh LaMelech that was printed as a book in its own right (before it was added into editions of the Ramba"m).

Refer to the Hebrew catalog text for a brief biography of Rabbi Meir Yitzchaki.

[3], 2-27, 80, 112, 46, 89 [10] leaves, 31 cm. High-quality paper. Wide margins. Include the leaves of indices that were printed after the book's completion, and added to only some of the copies. Stefansky, Sifrei Yessod 146.

Very fine condition: Minimal aging stains. Isolated worming perforations. Binding in excellent condition.

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