Auction 93 K2 Judaica Sale: Rare Printed Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters, Graphic & Ceremonial Arts
May 6, 2021
 The Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 77, Suite 1108 141 Flushing Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205

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Welcome to our Spring K2 Judaica Auction (Kestenbaum Sale number 93) consisting of 226 lots. The subject matter of the auction is divided as follows:

Manuscripts: Lots 1-21 

Including ten lots of Pinkas community records (all American), Lots 12-21

Autograph Letters by Rabbinic & Chassidic leaders: Lots 22-77

Americana - Printed Books, Manuscripts & Autograph Letters: Lots 78-96.

Cook-Books (Lots 107-123)

Holocaust-era (Lots 132-151)

Land (and State) of Israel: Lots 152-169

Graphic Art: Lots 188-209. 

Including artwork by Yohanan Simon, Chagall, Pilichowski, Abel Pann and Reuven Rubin. Also a magnificent livre-d'artiste by Joseph Budko, issued entirely on vellum, one of just five copies (lot 188)

Ceremonial and Folk Objects: Lots 210-226

Included in the auction are items that relate to Jewish history in: Argentina, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Russia and Spain.

Utilize the "find" mode button to locate areas of particular interest.

Limited viewing is available by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

The auction has ended

LOT 39:

(Spiritual leader of Lithuanian Jewry, 1863-1940). Autograph Letter Signed, written in ...

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Sold for: $1,000
Estimated price:
$ 1,200 - $1,800
Auction house commission: 25%

(Spiritual leader of Lithuanian Jewry, 1863-1940). Autograph Letter Signed, written in Hebrew on letterhead to Rabbi Dr. Yitzhak Unna of Mannheim.

Includes Rabbi Unna’s autograph notes below the letter.
One page. 4to.
Vilna: 15th Iyar 1933

Rabbi Dr. Yitzhak Unna (1872-1948), a scion of the distinguished Bamberger rabbinic family, was the chief rabbi of Mannheim and one of the leaders of the non-separatist form of Orthodoxy espoused by his grandfather, the Rav of Würzberg. R. Unna sought to defend Shechita from animal welfare advocates and proposed a solution in which the animal would undergo electroshock stunning prior to its ritual slaughter. This proposal was seen as halachically unacceptable by R. Chaim Ozer Grodzenski of Vilna, the widely acknowledged "Posek Hador" (halachic decisor of the generation). R. Grodzenski rejects here the suggestion of a new Halachic approach in regard to pre-stunning in which a distinction is made between poultry and livestock. He also discusses the matter of Switzerland, where kosher meat has had to be imported since the 1890’s due to a ban on slaughter without prior stunning.

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