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LOT 44:

Responsum Regarding Kashrus of Esrogim. Autographed By Rabbi Wolf of Hamburg. Fürth, 1849.

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Responsum Regarding Kashrus of Esrogim. Autographed By Rabbi Wolf of Hamburg. Fürth, 1849.

Practical halachah regarding the esrogim of Corfu and Corsica and the controversy as to whether they are purely of the original etrog species and are kosher or if they were grafted with other species rendering them not kosher .

In this response, Harav Wolf responds that the accepted tradition in his community was that esrogim from Corsica are not kosher, whereas esrogim of Corfu may be used if they have certification testifying to their kashrus, such as the certification of Harav Elazar Halevi Ish Horowitz, Av Beis Din of Vienna, and that the esrogim of Calabria, Italy- are the most preferred esrogim.
The rest and majority of the responsa concerns the laws of giving  Maaser from Income.

Harav Avraham Binyamin Wolf Hamburg served as both Av Beis Din and Rosh Yeshivah in Fürth where he taught Tora to hundreds of talmidim. The Ksav Sofer said of him: “He was the genius of the generation and an exceptionally righteous person who sacrificed himself for Torah."

This responsum was sent to his student Harav Shlomo Wasserman, Av Beis Din of Mergentheim. Who’s handwritten annotations appear in the pages of the responsum.

Fürth, 1849. 1 folded leaf; 4 handwritten sides. Thin paper. A small tear with minimal text missing and minor reinforcements in folds. Apparently unpublished.

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