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LOT 33:

Levush Ateres Zahav. First Edition. Cracow, 1594.

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Levush Ateres Zahav. First Edition. Cracow, 1594.

Halachic novellae and rulings on Tur Yoreh Deah by Harav Mordechai Yaffe, Av Beis Din of Posen.

Harav Mordechai Yaffe (1530-1612), renowned as the Levush after his 10-volume series, was one of the greatest sages of his times and Nasi of Vaad Arba Ha’Artzos in the era of celebrated Torah luminaries such as the Maharshah and Maharal of Prague.The prime disciple of the Rem”a and fluent in both the revealed and hidden Torah, he served as Rav in illustrious Jewish metropolises, among them Lublin, Prague, and Posen.

Cracow 1594. First Edition. 221, [1] leaf. Page size: 29cm. Tears in the margins of the title page, and also in the last two pages - artistically restored, without damage to the text .  Good condition.

Stefansky Sifrei Yesod #159


Levush — A Fundamental Halachic Work
The Levush’s sefarim were widely accepted throughout the Jewish world, and many gedolim established a fixed time to learn from them every day. His sefarim, reprinted in several editions even during his lifetime, were popular for their concise language and inclusion of reasons and sources of the halachos they present.
Many sages and halachic authorities who succeeded him, including the Sm”a, Sha”ch, and Ta”z drew from the wells of his wisdom. In Mishnah Brurah, the Chafetz Chaim references the Levush hundreds of times!


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