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LOT 32:

Maharshal’s Comments on Shas - First Edition! Cracow, 1582

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Maharshal’s Comments on Shas - First Edition! Cracow, 1582

Chochmas Shlomo on Shas by the Maharshal. Complete copy!

The Maharshal’s comments on Shas, copied from the glosses of his personal Gemara and published by his children.

This work contains the Maharshal’s notes and corrections on 19 of the tractates most commonly studied in the Polish yeshivos of his era. It seems that this work was originally printed in separate booklets in order of the tractates that were studied at the time, each tractate features a separate page count. Which is why there are only a few complete extant copies of all 19 booklets.

Immediately upon the publication of the Maharshal’s notes, printers took to proofreading the Talmud according to his notes before going to print, and were first printed in the Constantinople Shas, between 1583-1585. Most later editions of Shas included the Maharshal’s comments, although many versions abridged or omitted parts of the text, so his notes were never printed in their complete, unabridged text. This original version, which contains the complete commentary, is essential to fully understanding the Maharshal’s corrections and explanations.

Cracow, 1582. First Edition. 18cm. In their preface, the Maharshal’s sons relate that they printed the sefer in a small format “So everyone will be able to easy to carry it easily.”

Brachos: 17 leaves, Shabbos: 61 leaves, Eiruvin: 44 leaves, Pesachim: 30 leaves, Beitzah: 12 leaves, Succah: 22 [1] leaves, Yevamos: 52 leaves, Gittin: 28 leaves, Kiddushin: 34 leaves, Kesubos: 33 leaves, Sotah: 19 leaves, Bava Kama: 27 leaves, Bava Metziah: 34 leaves, Bava Basra: 69 leaves, Sanhedrin: 39 leaves, Makkos: 10 leaves, Shvuos: 13 leaves, Chulin: 24 leaves, Niddah: 17 leaves. (The above list is printed in order of the Shas, although the sefer was printed and bound in a different tractate order.)

Total: 595 leaves. Complete copy
 Small moth holes in inner margins of tractate Ksubos and on several pages of Bava Kama. Thick volume, bound in new attractive leather binding.

Stefansky Sifrei Yesod #63

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The beginning of the sefer features the one and only approbation ever written by the Rema!

The Chasam Sofer describes Hagahos Maharshal:
“This genius toiled to correct and amend most errors in Shas… He illuminated and purified Shas from all stumbling blocks…” (Excerpted from his approbation to Tzohar L’Binyan)

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